Odoo Professional Report Template 

Odoo PDF Report template is simply customizable for quotation, sales order, sales, invoice, picking, delivery order, RFQ. Now you can use Professional Report Templates like Odoo standard PDF report template In preceding Odoo versions, the user had to define the various format like paper format as well as the pdf format through code. But from Odoo 13, there insert an option to acquire both predefined pdf paper formats for companies. Now you can also set the PDF report template in company configuration. In this Blog, you are going to discuss how to use Odoo PDF Report Template.


Now Lets’ see how to use PDF Report Template in Odoo

First of all, you have to click on the activate developer mode button. Go to Settings -> Activate Developer mode -> General Settings ->Business Documents   1 1   There are two options available in the business document tab one paper format and another one is the document template. 2 Now you can choose the various types of paper formats: 3 1 Now you can easily create different paper formats. At that time you can fill following fields like name, paper size, orientation, top margin, bottom margin, right margin, display a header line,  header spacing,   5   Now you can edit the layout of the Document template, here you can choose the header and footer layout for your document.
untitled   Now click on the link preview document button to previewing the document. And now you can customize the document by clicking on the change document template.   6 1   7  

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