Odoo POS Refund

This module support for Return Orders of products on the screen of POS Odoo. Sometimes we have many customers who come back and return order.

We have customized POS module to allow the refund, which has the feature to return order at ease and in a more convenient manner with allied features:
1. A seller can return the order within POS session.

2. A seller can return orders belongs to current session as well as return orders those were created after a specific date configured in the backend.
3. A seller can return an order completely(by selecting products to return).
4. A seller can see the detailed view (ordered products, quantity, price, total amount, customer, order reference, date) of all orders from the POS screen.

How it works:

1. Configure to allow refund order from POS screen.

Configuration to allow refund from POS

2. Click on order button to go to the order screen.

POS order screen

3. Select the customer order to refund and click on Refund button.

Refund order in POS

4. The order which is to be refunded will appear in cart.

Odoo POS refund order

5. Select the journal in which you want the transaction to be done and pay the order.

Odoo POS Payment refund

6. Click on confirm button.

POS refund 6

7. Order refund shows on POS receipt.

Odoo POS refund receipt

8. Order refund in Odoo.

Order refund in Odoo

For more information contact us on info@planet-odoo.com

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