Odoo 10 POS Gift Voucher

This module is used to generate or create a coupon on Point of Sale order.

How it works:
1.  Create the journal for the coupon and configure or gift coupon option.

Odoo POS Coupon Configuration

2. After record saved close all the previous sessions of POS and start the new session.

Odoo POS Coupon journal

3. Now create a coupon and check coupon checkbox while creating a coupon.

Odoo POS Coupon

4. Coupon in POS screen.

Odoo POS gift voucher

5. Pay the Coupon.

Odoo POS Gift Voucher

6. Now the coupon is generated with the unique barcode.

Odoo POS 6

7.  The coupon details appear in Odoo POS under Gift Voucher.

Odoo POS Gift Voucher

8. Now add the product to cart and click on payment button.

Odoo POS Gift Voucher

9. When an order is paying with the coupon use the journal with the coupon which is created in journal earlier.

Odoo POS 9

10.  Enter the coupon number which is generated earlier and after entering click on the check button.

Odoo POS Coupon

11. Here, the total order is of amount 110 in which 90 is paying by using the coupon and remaining 20 by cash.

Odoo POS Coupon payment

12. The receipt is generated showing coupon and cash amount.

Odoo POS Coupon Receipt

13. After coupon used.

Odoo POS Coupon

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