Odoo POS Discount

In Odoo POS we have come up with the customization in POS discount. Discounts can be created as Fixed Discount, Discount on total(percentage based) and Discount fixed on the total. By default in Odoo Point of Sale, a discount is applied individually to every product instead of the total amount. Using this module seller can apply the discount on the total amount of the Sales Order.
-Fixed Discount on the Order line, select fixed discount and you can fixed amount of discount individually.
-Discount on total(percentage based) allows you to give discount globally on the percentage basis of the total amount of sales.
-Discount fixed on total allow you give the fixed amount of discount globally in the Sales Order.

Odoo POS Discount Features:

1. POS order discount allows you to provide a flat discount on the total amount.
2. There can be multiple discounts created on a different basis.
3. Only single discount is applicable per Sale Order.
4. Under POS configurations, select discount account to be applicable.

How it works:
1. Add product and then click on the discount button to add percentage discount in orderline.

Odoo POS discount

2. Discount is added in order and pays the order.

Odoo POS Discount added in order

3. Percentage Discount in orderline.

Odoo POS percentage discount in orderline

4. Percentage discount on POS receipt.

Odoo POS percentage discount receipt

5. Click on Discount fixed to add fix discount in orderline.

Odoo POS Fixed discount on order

6. Fixed Discount on Orderline.

Odoo POS fixed discount on orderline

7. Fixed discount on the total.

Odoo POS fixed discount on total

8. Fixed discount on the order.

Odoo POS fixed discount on order

9. Fixed discount on POS receipt.

Fixed discount on POS receipt

10. Percentage discount on the total.

Odoo POS percentage discount on total

11. Percentage discount on the order.

Odoo POS percentage discount on order

12. Percentage discount on total on POS receipt.

Percentage discount on total POS receipt

For more information please contact: info@planet-odoo.com

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