Odoo provides a one-stop solution for all your business needs. Whether you are looking for repairing steps of your business app or looking for a platform to manage your invoices, Odoo has everything on its table. For providing all the services, we make sure that apps run in a user-friendly interface. You can just swipe and click to get all your operations done. The app is built for fast responses so that you match the speed of the dynamic industry. With several options to diversify your work and make it more effective Odoo has taken a long jump in the era of other solution-providing apps. From sales to operations to manufacturing, we have an app to proffer your every services and product need. Here, we will discuss all the important aspects and services of Odoo.


Odoo has a dedicated domain of apps that provide every service that you need for your sales functions. We offer CRM, Sales, Invoicing, and Sign to accomplish a complete sale process. It also includes subscriptions for notifying the customers about all the new changes in the product market. Rental and field service are also included under the same.


Operations are very crucial for the streamlined functioning of any business. understanding this need, Odoo provides all operational supports like accounting, projects, timesheets, etc. For management of the accounts and improving customer satisfaction we also provide helpdesk. Along with it, we have inventory, purchase, documents, and consolidation.


It involves support for your product development along with creating the final product. All along it has manufacturing, PLM, maintenance, quality, and repair. Maintenance helps in keeping up the infrastructure units. While quality ensures the standard product measures are getting fulfilled. For any further unwanted issues, repair is the option.


The digital world provides enormous opportunities which should not be missed. That’s why Odoo also focuses on providing website development and maintenance facilities. It has a website, eCommerce, blog, forum, eLearning, and website live chat services. Ecommerce makes sure that all the website management is done in a developing manner to execute all internal tasks.


Any business with good marketing can thrive in no time. That’s why we provide amazing marketing solutions. We include email marketing, SMS marketing, Marketing Automation, events, survey, social marketing, appointments, and newsletter subscribe buttons. These solutions on Odoo make sure that your business gets a 360-degree marketing solution. From emphasizing call-of-action to creating brand awareness, Odoo has created it all in one space.

Human resources

For effective management of human resources, Odoo offers various operational features. it includes employees, recruitment, employee referral, time off, expenses, planning, appraisals, fleet, approvals, and lunch. Incorporating these with your human resource management system can improve all the results enormously.


Last but not the least, Odoo offers a great platform for customization. It provides opportunities of creating the imagination into reality. With all particular strokes and calculations, the final results are streamlined in their work along with being efficient. For all the system-related or design-related operations, Odoo has a solution.

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