Odoo Marketing Automation 

Odoo Marketing automation is a technology that handles marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically. Odoo Marketing automation helps marketers establish their segmentation, lead generation, lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, and marketing ROI measurement. Marketing automation is an essential component of customer relationship management. – SearchCRM. Marketing Automation is business automation that can integrate automated processes into a different of Odoo areas. 


Now Lets ‘ see how marketing automation works in Odoo.

First of all, you can install the Marketing Automation app in your database.

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After installing the marketing automation app, at that time you can create and configure new campaigns in the marketing automation app.

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Now you can create the new campaign then you can view the name of the campaign, active and completed number of participants who are a part of that campaign.

At that time you can start configuring a campaign. Enter the following field like name, target model, unique field, filter, add a new activity.

~Name: This field indicates the name of the campaign.

~Target Model:  This field indicates the model that wants to be targeted.

~Unique Field: This field indicates the unique field and whenever you want to target any distinct field of the model, at that time you can choose the field from here and this is not a mandatory field.

~Filter: This field indicates the filter at the same time you can click on the filter the list of customers you want to address. You can add more extreme filters from here that enables real-time filters.  On the right side, you will view the current number of people who respond to the filter. Now click on the “Records” button you can view at the list of people. Now you have created the campaign and can either save or create the first automation.

~Add a new activity: This field indicates to add a new activity through clicking on the add a new activity button, at that time you can create various activities that should be involved in our campaign.

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Now you can create the new campaign and fill the following fields like the name of the activity, activity type, email template, Perform,  Validity Duration,  Domain, etc.

At the same time creating automation, now you can choose the following activity types like automatic e-mail dispatch and automatic server action.

Subsequently, you have created the campaign, now you can create the first e-mail automation. Firstly assign the name of the automation, and the activity type is “Email”. At that time, click on the “Perform“to specify the time when the automated email will be sent.

Now click on the “E-mail Template” button and create a new template to click on the “Create and Edit” button or choose an existing template.

4 1

Configuring Email Template

In the Email template, now you can enter the subject of the e-mail and the sender e-mail. At that time you can use a website builder to create the content of the email. At that time you can select the mail body or options. 

5 1

When you contain the mail body that you can design the template via drag and drop of template layout blocks and change the text and images. Now click on the Save button and your activity will be created.

6 1

You can show the email automation overview in the form of different ways like graphical and values. Now check the email details like sent email, clicked an email, replied email.


Now, you can schedule many activities for your campaign.

8 2

Now your second activity is created and scheduled. You can be adding on the filter for checking the customer that has no sale orders.

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Marketing automation in Odoo

Now you can create child activity by click on the add child activity button for the main activity. The various option is available for creating a new child activity as mail opened, mail not opened, mail replied, mail replied, mail clicked, mail not clicked, mail bounced, etc.

marketing-automation in Odoo

Then the various option is appearing after clicking on the start button.

~Launch a Test


~Generate Participants

~Execute Activities

Now you can click on the ‘Generate Participants’button, the participants are created and one can see them by clicking the button “Participants” in the form.

11 new

Now you can see the Participant list.


Now you can view that the activities are scheduled for this participant. Whenever you want to run the activity instantly for this participant, at that time click on the play button of the required activity. Then you can receive an mail from the participant side. Now you can click on the button “Execute Activities” in the campaign form for executing activities for all participants. Then you can view the real-time status of the activity.

14 1

Now you can view the status of the activities onward with the participants.

Go to Configuration -> and click on the Trash button.


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