Odoo ERP For Education Management System

Education industry is also busy round, always with a number of activities like admissions,document verification, exams, and records of all the pass outs recently admitted, already there along with the staff details. 

Educational ERP software comes with modules to handle many departments in your institutes and to manage the complete student life cycle from admission to course completions. 

Whereas, the academic part of the industry plays a crucial role it’s important that they themselves maintain their documents and records and the staff details in a simple way. An Educational ERP also helps in easy management of faculty information like skills, degrees, courses and previous employment records. Since these details are very authenticating and important to a student, the institute cannot afford to misplace or lose it.

 An Educational ERP also helps in easy management of faculty information like skills, degrees, courses and previous employment records.There are many hurdles faced by the educational departments some of them are communication, transparent operations, managed administration, fee management and more.

Why do you need Education ERP Software?

Education ERP Software helps educational institutes, like school, colleges, and university, with some common issues faced by their staff. Following are common issues face by educational institutes,

  • Difficulty in information exchange between different departments of educational institutions
  • Extracting student, faculty or admin data from paper records
  • Up-to-date and error-free record maintenance or student and staff becomes difficult
  • Inaccuracy in financial records such as salary, fees, and expenses of institute
  • Salary calculation becomes difficult task
  • Old records can not be accessed easily and quickly
  • Much time spent on time-table scheduling and management or proxies

Features of ERP for the Education industry

  • Timetable management system
  • Financial accounting module
  • Attendance Management
  • Admission management system
  • Grades and exam operation system
  • Alumni Registration and Management
  • Hostel management module
  • Student Enrolment
  • Asset and inventory management program
  • Budget and cost control module
  • Recruitment operation system
  • Biometrics payroll management module
  • Fees management system

Planet-Odoo can help

Planet-Odoo serving Odoo ERP for academic institutes plays a vital role for the education industry. Odoo ERP software will help you to manage the entire work flow of your institution.

Odoo ERP supports all the functionalities of a school and is customized according to the user’s requirement. Odoo ERP for Education institutes will facilitate the management for the specific tasks like fees management, money management, library books management, total marks & exams management, admission management, etc.

Odoo ERP for academic institutes is meant to flow the data between every stack member like students, staff, parents, alumni etc. this may be useful to extend transparency of institutional policies & student quality and quicker process of documents.

Planet Odoo serves the Odoo education Odoo ERP software that plays an important role in commencing a flawless administration and effective management.


Planet Odoo Educational ERP software is reliable for all types of educational platforms like schools and colleges.One of the advantageous features of Odoo School ERP software is that it remains flexible and tunable to any organization size.

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