Enterprise Resource Planning nowadays is important to implement for every type of business vary from its size. In today’s business landscape, no business is too small for an ERP solution. ERP allows small businesses to appear, act and operate like an enterprise-scale business. An ERP can be implemented across several industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Human Resources, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil/Gas, as well as Agricultural, farming and livestock management.

If you are looking for a single software to manage all your information, then Odoo ERP is the one-stop solution for you. It comes with many modules that help you to manage the data of every type of business. Odoo ERP helps in managing the business data with complete ease. It is an Open Source set of business application for Sales, CRM, Purchase, POS, Website, eCommerce, Accounting, Warehouse, HR, Project etc.
Another reason to rely on this software is its cost-effective nature. Since open source ERP software allows you with quick implementation at low cost and another advantage of the same are that it can be customized as per the business processes.

Why is Odoo OpenERP best suitable ERP?

Licence Free –
License-free which means that it is cost-effective for the users, therefore more preferable to use Open source ERP software as this software is available at a very low cost and fulfill major requirements of an organization.

Fast Implementation –
Odoo ERP can be implemented fastly and quickly as it comes up with many modules which can be used as per the requirement of the companies and also small and medium business is quite a suite for this software rather pay price in the purchase of some other software.

Customization –
Odoo ERP allows you to customized as per the requirement of the business.

All in one software –
Some companies are using different software for Purchase, Sales, Human Resources, Inventory, Manufacturing and beyond. But Odoo ERP provides you all application on this software. So rather maintain multiple software, use Odoo ERP software.

How we help you?

We at Planet-Odoo has expertise in developing business solutions through Odoo ERP and enable technology to add business value to your organization.

Odoo ERP implementation service includes:
-Odoo ERP Installation with Company Setup
-Odoo ERP Configuration with Taxes & user accounts
-Odoo ERP Module Development & Customization
-Odoo ERP Migration Between Versions
-Odoo ERP Integration with 3rd Party applications
-Odoo ERP training services which include both functional and technical training.
-Odoo ERP Support services & Bug Fixes

Odoo ERP implementation in any company plays an important role. From company transformation to implement the Odoo ERP require lots of technical skills and a right implementation not only saves time but also saves money. Planet-Odoo offers end-to-end implementation and works essentially to get the best result out of the Odoo ERP implementation.

You can reach us at info@planet-odoo.com. In case of any query, do let us know your necessary concerns. We would appreciate your suggestions if any.

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