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Odoo / OpenERP is an open-source all-in-one management software that offers a range of complete suite of ERP systems and targeting by large companies, small businesses, associations and various other types of organizations to help them manage, automate, measure and optimize their operations, finances, and projects. Odoo is an all-in-one business software including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources just to name a few.
As Odoo is an open-source application that can be freely downloaded via the internet there are no licensing fees. Odoo is available in the cloud or on-premise and can be used by businesses of all sizes and Odoo software is highly customizable.

Odoo / OpenERP is available in two versions:

Odoo Enterprise (Licensed edition)
Odoo Community (Open-source edition)

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The Community version is open-source which is free while the Enterprise version complements the Community edition with commercial features and services like iOS and Android apps are also available for the paid versions. The most important point is that the Enterprise Edition is not open-sourced and the code is provided only by official Odoo partners and Odoo itself. 

Here are the key differences between the Community and the Enterprise edition:

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User Interface:  At the same time Odoo Enterprise Edition is available on mobile and desktops and Community Edition is available only on desktops. Odoo Community version is used Standard interface and Odoo Enterprise version is used Nice and fast navigation.

Studio Access: Now you can customize your system directly inside the application. Odoo Enterprise Edition users can work with Screen Customization, Report Designer, Menus Editor, and Apps Creator. This feature list is not available to CE users and imposes a fair bit of limitation on Odoo customization.

Note: Whenever you use this module, you only modify the database, not the system code. The system is not reinstallable.

Accounting: While the accounting app now can be accessed by both Odoo Enterprise Edition and Community Edition users, the Community Edition users are limited to payments and invoicing modules only, at the same time only the EE users can get access to a full-fledged accounting suite.

Project Management: While the Odoo Enterprise Edition has kept these features like employee timesheets, forecasting. The Odoo Community Edition version has kept these features out. since smaller businesses at the essential level do not prefer the functionality of forecasts and employee timesheets,

Sales Management: Both Odoo Community Edition and Odoo Enterprise Edition users get access to CRM, Sales, and Customer portal. Enterprise Edition users can additionally access VoIP integration, subscriptions, digital products, and e-signature, helpdesk.

Human Resources: Both Odoo Enterprise Edition and Odoo Community Edition used essence HR functions like employee database, expenses, leaves, and recruitments. In addition to this, Odoo Enterprise Edition users also hire Odoo developer to get modules for appraisals and department level dashboards for employee insights.

Inventory management: Both Odoo Enterprise and Community Version supports inventory management and purchases management. Odoo  Enterprise Edition users also get access to extra modules like barcode support, integration with main shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

Manufacturing: Both Odoo Community and Enterprise support MRP features. In addition to this, Odoo Enterprise Edition support PLM, Maintenance, Quality, and shipping integration.

Website Builder: Both Odoo Community Edition and Odoo Enterprise Edition users can access basic website building elements, blog templates, and presentations. In addition to this, Odoo Enterprise Edition users can also access Form Builder, Call-to-Actions Blocks, Versioning, and A/B Testing to enhance visitor engagement.

E-commerce: Although both Odoo Community Edition and Enterprise Edition users can build full-scale e-commerce stores online. In addition to this, Odoo Enterprise Edition users support extra features like eBay connector, payment integration, and Amazon connector.

Marketing: Although both Odoo Community Edition and Odoo Enterprise Edition supports following features like Events, Expresses, Live Chat and email marketing  On the other hand Odoo Community Edition users cannot access marketing automation, lead scoring, or email marketing templates.

Why Choose Planet Odoo?

Planet Odoo employs a team with a wide range of knowledge and experiences in Odoo and its verticals.  Planet Odoo team will meet with the client to hear the client’s vision and offer input to help client’s company to accomplish its business goals. Then, once a strategy is finalized, Planet Odoo Team will get to work create a custom Timeline for the project to achieve your company’s vision and business needs in an appealing way.

As Official Odoo Partners, Planet Odoo embraces a collaborative approach to meet your needs. We provide cost-effective ERP solutions and Odoo apps for accelerating the workflow of companies/organization across the world. Planet Odoo has knowledge and expertise for Odoo version 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Community and Enterprise edition. We have an excellent experience of seven years working in Odoo ERP Implementation, Configuration, Customization, Integration, Data Migration, and Website Development. Our Odoo experts will build your desired outcome into the reality that will make a huge change in your business growth.

To know more about us:

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If you are looking for Odoo implementation for your manufacturing business contact us here   Feel free to connect with us on info@planet-odoo.com   and schedule meeting now.

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