This is the customization done in AUSTRALIAN PAYROLL
All these new classes have been created
This class will hold the list of bank or forums who deal in Super Annuation.
Payroll > Superannuation > Superannuation

Superannuation Approve
It will create a record on confirmation of payslip.
Payroll > Superannuation > Superannuation Approve 

Holiday class will have the record of the public holiday.
Leaves > Holidays

Payslip Period
This use to define the period of payslip.
Payroll > Payslip Periods > Payslip Periods

For more information about employee extra fields added in Employee form
Superannuation Details
Emergency Contact Details
Tax-related Information
Residency Type
Employee Basis
Shift Worker
NOTE: On basis of ‘Employee Basis’ and ‘Shift Worker’ you can create multiple types of  Employee.

Super Annuation Details
Check Super Annuation Fund to create Super Annuation in payslip.  And other fields will store the percentage of Super Annuation and details of Super Annuation.
NOTE: Super Annuation won’t apply if basic salary is less than 450.

Odoo Australian Payroll

Emergency Contact Details
One of family/relative member details also there in case of emergency.

Odoo Australian Payroll

Tax-related Information
Residency Type
Employee Basis
Shift Worker

Odoo Australian Payroll

Contract Form
Note: Based on Timesheet Based Payroll checkbox it is differentiated and show different fields. And it will show different salary structure. 

If false
Scheduled wage
Scheduled hours

Odoo Australian Payroll

If  Timesheet based Payroll is true
Wage per hour
Meal Allowance

Odoo Australian Payroll

NOTE: Added Timesheet based structure checkbox in salary structure it will affect in the contract if in contract timesheet based payroll is true domain will apply on salary structure field.

Odoo Australian Payroll

Timesheet Form
Scheduled Pay
Two checkboxes are added: Work Through Meal Break and Public Holiday.

Meal allowance:
If work through meal break is true then three fields will appear Ordinary and Afternoon and Night work through the meal break.  And all these meal breaks will add in payslip if it is greater than 0.

Public Holiday:
It will check record in Holiday and match date with filled timesheet record and if they match it will add one of the public holidays.

NOTE: For Timesheet based employee whenever timesheet confirm it will allocate annual leave based on timesheet hours except casual employee.

Odoo Australian Payroll

Payslip Form:
It is a timesheet based employee it checks period if any timesheet is there for that particular period it will it show in payslip hours populated.
Salary adjustment checkbox it will show fields amount, add and subtract and it will also create other lines of salary adjustment

NOTE: For Ordinary/Afternoon/Night shift if it is more then 7:36 it will show only 7:36 hour in the respective field and next 2 hours in overtime field and remaining in double hours.

If an employee is fixed employee annual leave allocate on confirmation of payslip. Super Annuation record also creates on payslip confirmation.

Payslip batch form:
Pay calendar also added in payslip batch if you select pay calendar it will also populate name for the batch.

Odoo Australian Payroll

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