Odoo 18 Release - Keys and Road Maps
Odoo 18 Release Highlights with Complete Guide and Support 

The newest version of Odoo, 18.1, is a complete business management software that offers big improvements to improve operational efficiency and user experience. When companies want to stay competitive by using advanced ERP features, these changes are a must.

This roadmap highlights the most important changes and updates in Odoo 18 and how they might affect different business processes.

Odoo keeps improving ERP software, giving businesses the tools they need to flourish in a changing market.

  • Accounting: New Features and Improvements

Accounting Software 2024 Odoo18

The accounting module in Odoo 18 has been upgraded and added a number of new capabilities. These revisions are intended to simplify and enhance the accuracy and compliance of financial management. On the horizon are user-friendly interfaces, more seamless module integration, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

In addition, the new features are designed to streamline routine accounting tasks, thereby facilitating and expediting financial management.

For enterprises, this guarantees precise and effortless financial recordkeeping. Automation of repetitive tasks is one enhancement. This reduces the probability of human error and enhances overall efficiency. Because of these enhancements, Odoo 18 is currently widely used by companies that want to streamline their accounting processes.

  • Odoo 18 Release Highlights Under Accounting


  • GST Compliance: E-Invoice with Coupons, GST on Advance Treatment, Block Credit, Mixed Supplies (Kit), GSTR 3 (Full), GSTR 9, ITC 4.

2. TDS & TCS advance fully

  • TDS on Advance Payments, Deduction Alerts (no PAN), Challan & Returns, TCS on Advances, E-Filing TDS and TCS Returns.

3. Features with latest sorting

  • Group Contact Payment, Retention Money, Splitting of Payment, Loan Accounting, Investment Accounting.

4. Financial Reports made easy

  • Reports as per Schedule 3, Location in Fixed Assets Register.

5. Auditor made friendly and easy

  • Tax Audit Dashboard, Companies Act Audit Dashboard, Exceptional Reporting, Standard Filters and Grouping to Investigate Transactions, Disallowance Reports, Tally Data Import, Matching of AIS Data.

The New Odoo 18 Release brings many useful updates for managing finances and compliance with great setting features. It has advanced GST features like e-invoicing with coupons, handling advance payments, blocked credits, mixed supplies, and detailed GSTR reports with data allocation. TDS and TCS are easier to manage with tools for advance payments, alerts for deductions, and e-filing returns. New features also include group payments that made very easy for transaction, retention money, splitting payments, and managing loans and investments. Schedule a demo with us at Teckzilla, call us for more information. Financial reports are improved with Schedule 3 compliance and better tracking of fixed assets. For auditors and such experts, Odoo 18 offers dashboards for tax and company audits, special reports, disallowance reports, Tally data import, and AIS data matching. It’s better than ever!

  • Product Form Setup: Configuration and Imports

Sales - Odoo 18

Thanks to new import capabilities and increased configuration choices, Odoo 18 makes it easier than ever to set up product forms. These upgrades will help businesses better manage their product data, which will enable more accurate inventory and sales management.

With extra configuration choices that enable greater customization, businesses can now better tailor the product forms to match their unique needs.

Odoo 18 may be readily linked with businesses’ existing product data due to its versatility. To ensure complete and correct data imports, other enhancements include enhanced validation and error-checking processes.

Sales and Customer Engagement

Sales Commission Module

  • Sales Commissions: New module for commission calculations
    • Streamlines the process of calculating commissions.
    • Provides real-time tracking and reporting for performance monitoring.
    • Customizable to align with unique sales strategies and structures.
  • Achievements and targets based on various metrics
    • Allows tracking of performance against multiple metrics.
    • Facilitates goal setting at various organizational levels.
    • Supports recognizing top performers and fostering a competitive environment.
  • Combination of different rules
    • Enables the creation of complex commission structures.
    • Allows for tailored incentives to drive specific sales goals.
    • Supports multi-tiered commission plans for enhanced motivation.
  • Loyalty in Portal: Enhancements for Customer Loyalty Programs

Businesses now have more ways to engage and keep customers thanks to the improved customer loyalty programs in Odoo 18. Loyalty points and awards may be better managed with the new capabilities in the customer portal. It is now much simpler to keep tabs on client interactions and give them suitable loyalty rewards thanks to the new features.

Loyalty in Portal - Odoo 18

Loyalty programs can be fine-tuned by businesses to provide benefits that customers really want. Businesses can now construct all-encompassing loyalty campaigns thanks to the upgraded portal’s capability for collaboration with other marketing tools.

  • Combo Products: Integration Across PoS, Sales, E-commerce, Rental, and Subscriptions

With Odoo 18, combination goods may be readily linked with POS, sales, e-commerce, rental, and subscription systems. Businesses benefit from simplified product management, and consumers enjoy a consistent experience thanks to this connection.

Odoo 18 for Point of selling, POS

Businesses can now meet the different needs of their customers by offering bundled products and services.

Stock levels are reliably mirrored across all platforms thanks to the interconnectivity, which significantly simplifies inventory management. Simplifying operations and increasing productivity are both aided by this one approach.

  • PDF Quote Builder 2.0: Enhancements

Odoo 18’s PDF Quote Builder makes it easier to create professional quotes with more customization options, better templates, and greater connectivity with other sales tools. Companies may now make quotes that are true to their brand with the help of the new features.

PDF Builder

More design and layout options are available in upgraded templates, guaranteeing aesthetically pleasing quotes.

Accurate quote data is mirrored across the system thanks to the interaction with other sales tools. Businesses can now generate quotes more rapidly and efficiently thanks to these upgrades, which in turn improve the sales process as a whole.

  • Translations and Custom Zones

Odoo 18’s improved translation capabilities and custom zones allow organizations to maximize global reach and customer satisfaction by customizing sales and customer engagement activities to different areas and languages.

With the improved translation technologies, companies may more easily communicate with their international customers in a variety of languages. Customizing engagement strategies allows organizations to boost customer happiness and propel global expansion.

  • Whitelist-Based Field Usage

With Odoo 18’s new whitelist-based field usage feature, companies can manage which fields are accessible in the sales and customer engagement modules and make sure that only important data is being utilized.

Accurate and consistent data across the system may be maintained with the help of this function. Companies have the option to specify which fields are crucial to their operations and restrict data collecting to only those fields. Personalizing field usage improves data management operations.

Point of Sale (PoS)
  • Product Creation: Directly Within the PoS Interface

POS - Product Creation 2024- Odoo 18

In Odoo 18, the PoS interface can now be used for product development, which simplifies the process for retailers and allows for the rapid addition of new products to the system. The ability to update the product catalogue without logging into the backend system streamlines the workflow for store staff.

The direct creation within PoS further guarantees the instantaneous availability of product information for sales transactions.

An accurate and current product catalogue may be maintained with the help of this smooth integration. Odoo 18 improves the store management experience by allowing product creation within the PoS interface.

  • Barcode Lookup: Improved Product Search

Users are able to locate products more easily and rapidly using the enhanced barcode lookup tool, which improves product search within the PoS system. This improvement streamlines the sales process by reducing the time spent searching for products.


To further guarantee compatibility with different product labelling systems, the improved barcode lookup covers a broader range of barcode types.

Because of this adaptability, Odoo 18 can be more easily integrated with companies’ current barcode systems. The barcode lookup tool simplifies sales processes and improves the customer experience by making product searches more efficient.

  • Backend to Frontend Views: Enhanced User Experience

The PoS system’s improved back-to-front views enhance the user experience by displaying data uniformly and reliably across the platform. Data integrity and error reduction are both aided by this uniformity.

With the improved displays, users can see sales data more clearly and get to the information they need faster. More effective sales operations and better decision-making are supported by this enhancement.

Odoo 18 improves the PoS platform’s dependability and usefulness by making sure data is correctly reflected throughout the system.

  • Additional Features:
    • Free orders in PoS restaurant
      • Simplifies the processing of complimentary orders.
      • Enhances flexibility for managing promotions.
      • Improves customer satisfaction by offering dynamic dining experiences.
    • PoS events and new design improvements
      • Includes features to manage events and promotions efficiently.
      • Design enhancements improve user interface and navigation.
      • Provides better tools for customer engagement and event management.
E-commerce Enhancements

Eccomerce Navigation

New Widgets: Location Selector and Sign-In Button

Odoo 18 introduces location selection and sign-in widgets to improve e-commerce platform navigation. By simply selecting their area using the location selector widget, consumers can rest assured that they will obtain up-to-date delivery and price details.

Returning clients will appreciate how much easier it is to access their accounts with the sign-in button widget. An increase in both consumer happiness and conversion rates can be achieved by implementing these new widgets into e-commerce websites.

  • One Page Checkout: Simplified Checkout Process

The one-page checkout procedure simplifies the e-commerce experience by increasing conversion rates and decreasing cart abandonment rates. Customers are able to complete their purchases more quickly and easily with this feature because it consolidates all the necessary procedures onto one page.

Oddo 18 - Check out forms

There will be fewer interruptions, and fewer customers will leave their carts if the process is made easier. With Odoo 18, businesses can optimize the checkout experience to increase online sales and improve customer happiness.

  • SEO Improvements: Enhanced Visibility

Odoo 18’s SEO enhancements boost e-commerce sites’ visibility in SERPs, which in turn increases traffic and, hopefully, sales. Improved meta tag management, better URL architectures, and optimal content methods are some of the enhancements. Better brand exposure and more sales prospects are two outcomes of the SEO enhancements.

  • Stock and Warehouse Management: Display and Multiple Warehouse Support

By displaying stock levels and supporting multiple warehouses, organizations may improve inventory accuracy and fulfilment efficiency with enhanced stock and warehouse management tools. Customers are able to make better-informed purchases when supply levels are shown in real time.

By utilizing several warehouses, inventory may be efficiently managed across numerous locations, which helps to minimize stockouts and overstocks.

Companies may optimize their inventory management procedures with these changes, which improves fulfilment rates and customer happiness. Odoo 18 facilitates better e-commerce operations by enhancing inventory and warehouse management.

Inventory and Purchase Management


  • Delivery Dispatching: Batch Order Picking and Vehicle Assignment

Improved delivery efficiency, streamlined logistics operations, batch order picking, and vehicle assignment are all features of Odoo 18’s delivery dispatching. Batch order picking is a time- and labour-saving method that enables the simultaneous selection of several orders.

Delivery and Dispatching Improved - Odoo 18

Vehicle assignment optimizes route planning and reduces delivery times by ensuring that deliveries are scheduled and executed efficiently. Odoo 18 helps with greater customer service and operational efficiency by boosting delivery dispatching.

  • Barcode App Revamp: Enhanced Scanning and QR Code Functionality

Improved scanning capabilities and QR code functionality are two new features added to Odoo 18’s barcode app that make inventory management a breeze. The expanded support for barcode and QR code formats, made possible by the improved scanning capabilities, guarantees interoperability with a variety of labelling systems.

barcode revamp - Odoo 18

To further guarantee that inventory data is consistently updated throughout the system, the revised barcode app also offers stronger connectivity with other Odoo modules. Odoo 18 enables better and more precise inventory management by upgrading the barcode app.

Odoo 18 -Inventory Barcode

  • Inventory Management Improvements: Various Enhancements for Better Inventory Control

Businesses may keep their inventory levels optimized with the use of several inventory management enhancements that give better control over stock levels, tracking, and reporting. Better reporting capabilities, more precise inventory projections, and enhanced stock tracking are all part of these upgrades.

These enhancements let enterprises satisfy customer demand without stocking up on inventory, preventing stockouts.

Odoo 18 aids companies in optimizing their inventory management procedures and enhancing overall productivity by delivering improved solutions for inventory control. Better operational performance and customer service are the results of these upgrades to inventory management.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

MRP Process - Oddo 18 - 2024

  • MPS Updates: User Interface Revamp

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) in Odoo 18 has been redesigned with a user-friendly interface, making it easier to plan and manage production processes. Clearer production schedules make planning and managing production activities easier with the updated user interface.

Odoo 18- Automated Features

Production planning takes less time and effort with an enhanced user experience, leading to more effective and efficient production processes.

Improved operational efficiency and productivity are the results of Odoo 18’s enhancements to the MPS interface, which allow for better production planning and administration.

  • Gantt View Improvements: Enhanced Task Management

The Gantt view in Odoo 18 is an enhancement over previous versions that helps with job management. It shows project timelines and dependencies clearly, which helps with planning and execution. Project schedules can be optimized with the help of the updated Gantt view, which shows users the connections between jobs and lets them see possible bottlenecks.

Gantt View - Odoo 18 Released - Better view

Better project planning and execution are made possible by the upgraded Gantt view, which improves work management. As a result, project outcomes and efficiency are improved.

  • Shop Floor Improvements: Additional Notes and Operation Management

The shop floor has been improved to make manufacturing processes more visible and efficient with the addition of notes and better operation management. Making notes on work floor activities is a great way to clarify instructions and cut down on miscommunication. Managers are able to keep tabs on and improve production processes with the use of improved operation management technologies.

These upgrades aid in making sure that manufacturing runs well, which in turn improves product quality and shortens production times. More productive and efficient production processes are supported by Odoo 18’s improved shop floor management.

  • Additional Enhancements: Quality Checks, Product Catalog, and More

The MRP module in Odoo 18 has been upgraded with new features that simplify manufacturing processes, such as better-quality checks and an expanded product catalogue. The improved product catalogue makes it easier to manage and keep tabs on products by giving users more visibility into product details.

Better Qaulity Checks- Odoo 18

Both production productivity and product quality are boosted by these upgrades, which simplify operations. More productive and efficient manufacturing processes are supported by Odoo 18’s improved manufacturing management features.

And More - Quality Check - Odoo 18

Services and Project Management


  • Top Bar Navigation: Improved project record browsing

Top Bar to Browrse

    • Enhances visibility and access to project records.
    • Simplifies the navigation process for users.
    • Reduces time and effort in managing project data.
  • Skills-Based Resource Allocation: Finding the right people for tasks

Finding rght people - Skilled - 100% - Odoo 18

    • Matches tasks with team members’ skills.
    • Optimizes resource allocation for better project outcomes.
    • Ensures efficient task completion by qualified personnel.
  • Task Revisions: Improved tracking and documentation suggestions

Tracking Revision - Odoo 18

    • Provides better tracking tools for task changes.
    • Offers documentation suggestions to ensure accurate records.
    • Enhances project management and operational efficiency.
  • Product Under Warranty 

Odoo 18 release - Easy warranties checking

You see the change that has been brought under Odoo 18  Release is exclusive. The newest version of the all-in-one business management software brings a variety of features to simplify business operations and deal with all matters. One major big and improvement is the upgraded Product Warranty management in the Services module. This feature helps businesses effectively handle and monitor any data records with warranties, leading to better customer satisfaction and smoother operations. It’s an absolutely new feature!

More Feature - Product warranties - 18

Accounting and Financial Management

Accounting and features - odoo 18 - 2024

  • New Invoicing Features: Enhanced Dashboard and Onboarding

With the addition of a dashboard, onboarding, and enhanced invoicing features, Odoo 18 streamlines financial management. A better overview of financial data is provided by the upgraded dashboard, enabling customers to properly monitor and manage their finances. New users will be able to begin using the invoicing capabilities with ease and speed thanks to enhanced onboarding procedures.

Odoo 18 - Enterprise

Businesses can streamline their financial operations with these enhancements, making them more efficient and accurate. Odoo 18’s improved invoicing tools support more efficient and effective financial management.

  • Invoice Edition: Layout and Tax Selection

Invoice edition


Make sure your invoices are clear and in line with tax requirements with the improvements made to invoice editions, such as greater layout options and expanded tax selection possibilities. Businesses may now design invoices that are both professional and visually appealing with the updated layout options.

Invoices accurately display tax information thanks to enhanced tax selection options, which aid firms in complying with tax requirements.

The invoicing process is made easier, with fewer mistakes, and with better compliance, thanks to these upgrades. Odoo 18 helps with better financial management and operational efficiency by improving the invoice edition.

  • Lock Dates: New Locking System for customer data records

Lock dates - Odoo 18 Features

The Lock Dates feature in Odoo 18’s Accounting module gives businesses better control over their financial data. It helps you to feed better on the accounting records and see if they are accurate, trustworthy, and reliable, helping with decision-making and meeting financial regulations. It is user-friendly with user-specific controls, an automatic locking system on the same interface on the dashboard, and a clear audit trail. Lock Dates in Odoo 18 simplifies accounting processes and improves efficiency, resulting in excellent accounting with your customers’ accounting details.

  • Reconciliation and Payment Enhancements: Improved User Experience and New Features

Payments and reconciliation - Odoo 18 - 2024

Odoo 18’s updated payment and reconciliation features simplify reporting and enhance user experience. With the new and updated reconciliation tools, companies may more easily match transactions and check the accuracy of their financial records. Businesses are now able to better manage their cash flow thanks to new payment management tools that provide improved visibility into payment operations.

Odoo 18 - More More with payments

Businesses can streamline their financial operations with these enhancements, making them more efficient and accurate. Odoo 18 facilitates enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in finance administration by delivering superior solutions for reconciliation and payment management.

More Features - Odoo 18 - Release

Localization and Global Reach

Global features - Odoo Gold Partner services - 2024 - Odoo 18

  • Localizations: Massive Investments in Country-Specific Features

Odoo 18 in 19 Countries

To make sure it complies with local legislation and is usable in different regions, Odoo 18 has added country-specific features, which have been the result of enormous investments in localization. Businesses are able to better comply with local rules and regulations and operate more efficiently in different nations because of these investments.

Investing Massively - odoo 18

Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in managing activities across regions are made possible by country-specific features. Odoo 18’s support for localizations allows businesses to access a wider audience and perform better in diverse markets around the world. With these updates, companies may better meet the needs of their international customers in terms of compliance and operational efficiency.

Odoo 18 - Our Approach

  • New Features: Updates for Multiple Countries

To make sure the platform can handle the varied needs of its worldwide user base, Odoo 18 has new features including updates for numerous nations. Businesses will be able to run more efficiently in multiple nations thanks to these upgrades, which give improved tools for managing operations in diverse locations.

To better assist firms in meeting local regulations and increasing efficiency, the new features have enhanced reporting, operational management, and compliance.

Businesses may improve their operational effectiveness and expand their international reach with the help of Odoo 18, which offers better tools for global operations. With these upgrades, the platform can now accommodate its users from all around the world.

  • Payroll and HR Enhancements: Attendance, Recruitment, Time Off, and More

Payroll and HR Enhancements

Odoo 18 Release brings a suite of completeness that aimed at streamlining Payroll and HR processes, addressing the needs of modern businesses management. These improvements encompass several key areas, like Attendance, Recruitment, Time Off, and more, making the HR experience more efficient and user-friendly on desktop or handling on smartphone.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new and improved in Odoo 18 Software for businesses around the world.

  • Biometric Integration

Odoo 18 works with different biometric devices to record attendance accurately and securely. You do not miss out on any of your records. This stops employees from clocking in or out for each other and makes sure only the right person can log their attendance on time and during the best seasons.

  • Geolocation Tracking

 The software is also upgraded for businesses with remote or field employees. The new geolocation tracking feature allows employees to mark their attendance from different locations, the best so far of the Odoo 18 Release. This feature provides transparency and accountability for remote working or business management.

  • Real-time Analytics

HR leaders and managers can now access real-time analytics on attendance data with a stress-free lifestyle. This feature of Odoo 18 helps in identifying patterns for real-time tracking, managing absent employees, and ensuring optimal workforce management.

  • Recruitment Process Enhancements

Recruitment for Human

Company has a very crucial state of recruitment which is a also called critical HR function, and now it’s made easy with Odoo 18 Updates introduces several improvements to make this process more effective and motivating for your success.

  • Best Improved Job Posting

The overall new version offers an improved job posting interface that allows HR managers to create and publish job openings on multiple platforms in a very easy manner. The enhanced formatting options and templates ensure that job postings are highly professional and appealing. You can now start with a demo; click here. It’s just amazing!

  • Automated Candidate Matching:

Increasing the use of AI and machine learning for a beautiful business scope, Odoo 18’s recruitment module now offers automated candidate/applicant matching. The system in Odoo 18 can automatically match candidates’ profiles with job requirements, saving HR managers time and ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted. This feature is mind-blowing and works with just one click.

  • Integrated Communication Tools

Easy communication with applicants and candidates has been made more streamlined with fully integrated email and messaging tools. HR managers can schedule interviews, send follow-up emails, and communicate with candidates directly from the platform. This makes your whole recruitment journey very smooth and professional.

  • Time Off Management

Time Off - Best Odoo 18

Also, there are times when you, as an HR leader or manager, have to manage employee time off, which is crucial for maintaining workforce productivity and employee satisfaction. Odoo 18 brings several growths to its Time Off module in 2024. Odoo 18 rocks for so many new features. Here is why:

  • Complete Self-Service Portal

The interface for complete self-service, your employees can now easily request time off through a self-service portal. The latest features in the portal provide a clear overview of available leave balances, upcoming holidays, and the status of pending requests. This is just beautifully set.

  • Customizable Leave Policies

Odoo 18 latest upgrades have also allowed HR managers to create and manage multiple leave policies, prepared for a great difference with employee groups. This change for easy management has made things flexible, ensuring that the time-off policies align with company regulations and employee needs. That is the best experience with any company with new features.

  • Fully Automated Approvals

Appraisals and more - Odoo 18

Overall, the new automated approval workflows reduce the administrative burden on HR managers. Once a time-off request is submitted on the Odoo 18 platform, it can be automatically routed to the right person as approver based on predefined rules and terms set, ensuring timely approvals are completed without any confusion.


Payroll Integration Updates with Odoo 18

The best of Odoo 18’s Payroll module has been significantly enhanced to ensure easy integration with other HR functionalities. Here is the beauty: follow us at Teckzilla for more details. Get the checklist with demo offers.

accurate payroll - best seasons

  • Accurate Payroll Calculations

It is the best updated payroll module makes accurate and timely payroll calculations, taking into accounting detail on various factors like attendance, overtime details, bonuses and calculations and deductions. Our system is designed to handle complex payroll structures and tax regulations. The best is always the best in terms of getting smooth flow of the HR system.

  • Payslip Generation Made Easy

Now employees can now access their payslips directly from the self-service portal on Odoo 18 platform. The payslips are generated automatically, reflecting real-time data and ensuring transparency for exclusive HR roles in terms of payslip and generation.

  • Compliance Management

The best compliance management features ensure that the payroll process follows all the local labour laws and tax regulations. The system can easily generate necessary reports and filings, reducing the risk of non-compliance. This means a lot for the important functions in HR management and leadership.

If you have Odoo 18’s Payroll and HR upgraded version, which offer a complete solution for managing HR tasks, you are surely expanding your growth by saving time and energy. Just click for more details. Using the latest technologies and user feedback, Odoo 18 makes HR processes more easy, efficient, and transparent. This leads to better workforce management systems and higher employee satisfaction, contributing to the company’s growth and wellbeing.

Odoo 18 facilitates enhanced personnel management efficiency and effectiveness by delivering superior HR management capabilities. Businesses can boost their HR operations and manage staff more effectively with these enhancements.

CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM Customer Relationship 2018 - 2024

  • New CRM App: Community Engagement and Promotion

In order to assist businesses in developing and maintaining relationships with their clients, the new CRM software in Odoo 18 emphasizes community involvement and promotion. Product and service promotion, engagement tracking, and customer relationship management are all part of the app’s feature set.

With these resources, companies may better understand their consumers and develop more personalized marketing strategies.

Better customer relationship management and marketing efficacy are supported by the new CRM app, which focuses on community participation and promotion. By establishing and sustaining solid ties with clients, these aspects foster satisfaction and loyalty.

  • WhatsApp Integration: Enhanced Communication Tools

Whatsapp feature added

Better consumer engagement through popular chat networks is made possible with Odoo 18’s integration of WhatsApp. Businesses may more easily communicate with their customers because of the integration’s capability for real-time messaging. Businesses can increase customer satisfaction through improved service and support provided by enhanced communication tools.

Businesses are given more tools to engage with clients and create strong relationships via Odoo 18’s integration with WhatsApp. Businesses may enhance their customer care and support with the help of these features, which promote better communication and client involvement.

  • Appointment Management: Improved Booking and Customization Options

Appointment upgrades - Odoo 18

Organizations may streamline appointment scheduling and management with improved booking and customization possibilities. Appointments are arranged efficiently with the help of the improved booking tools, which show available time slots more clearly.

Appointment management systems offer customization possibilities that companies may use to make them work better for them and their customers.

Moe to know - Odoo 18

Better scheduling and resource management are made possible with Odoo 18‘s enhanced appointment management, which in turn improves operational efficiency and customer service. To better satisfy the demands of their consumers, businesses can use these capabilities to manage their appointments more effectively.

Knowledge Management

Navigation - Odoo 18

  • Improved Knowledge Base: Enhanced Search and Navigation

Knowledge made easier - Odoo 18

Upgraded search and navigation in Odoo 18 make knowledge-based navigation and searching easier. Improved query results made possible by new search tools allow consumers to discover what they’re looking for much more rapidly. Information is made easier to access with the use of navigation components that increase the visibility of the knowledge base.

Businesses may better manage their knowledge with these upgrades, which means workers can always find what they need to do their jobs.

Odoo 18’s improved knowledge base supports better knowledge management and operational efficiency. By using these elements, businesses can enhance their knowledge management processes and provide employees with the necessary information.

  • Publishing and Access Improvements: Better Control and Hierarchy Views

Better Access in Odoo 18 - Roadmaps

Knowledge can be better organized and made easily accessible with the help of publishing and access upgrades, which give better control over information and hierarchical views. With these updates, companies may better manage their knowledge and provide employees with the information they need. The reliability of the knowledge base and the trustworthiness of the information it contains depend on the quality and currency of the content, which may be better controlled.

The hierarchical presentation shows the structure of the knowledge base, which helps users discover relevant information. Odoo 18 facilitates enhanced information management and operational efficiency via enhanced publication and access.

Spreadsheet and Dashboard Enhancements

Spread Sheet

  • Comments and Data Table Improvements: Enhanced data handling and visualization

Spreadsheet -Comments on Cell

    • Supports better collaboration with improved comment features.
    • Provides better visibility into data for analysis and interpretation.
    • Enhances data management efficiency and decision-making.

best actions on spreadsheets

  • New Chart Options: Combo, waterfall, scatter, and customization

Best experience - Odoo 18

    • Offers new ways to visualize data for better insights.
    • Customizable to meet specific data visualization needs.
    • Improves the relevance and effectiveness of data presentations. 

New Charts - New Charts - Odoo 18

Performance - Building
odoo 18 - more features
Document Management

Document Access - Odoo18

  • Document Access and Attachment Management: Improved Handling and Preview

Better document access and attachment management provide easier handling and previewing, making papers accessible and organized. Better document access technologies make document repositories more visible, making it easier for users to find and access essential information. Improved attachment management keeps attachments organized and accessible.

Documents at a glance

Businesses can better manage their documents and help employees find information.

Odoo 18 improves document access and attachment management, enhancing document management and efficiency. These technologies can help companies manage paperwork and inform staff.

  • Signature Requests: Enhanced Control and Notifications

Request Signature - Odoo 18

Enhanced signature request control and alerts simplify document signing, making approvals and agreements easier for organizations. Signature requests are better visible and managed efficiently with increased control tools. Enhanced alerts keep stakeholders informed about signature request status, decreasing delays and enhancing efficiency. Improved document signing processes help firms streamline approvals and agreements.

Improved signature requests improve document management and operational efficiency in Odoo 18. These capabilities assist firms in streamlining document signatures and approvals.

Framework and Technical Improvements

Odoo 18 - Maintenence

  • Nice URLs and Mobile UI: Improved Navigation and Mobile Experience

Frame Work - Odoo 18

Improved mobile navigation and user experience are the results of Odoo 18’s new, aesthetically pleasing URLs and redesigned user interface. To improve the platform’s usability, the pleasant URLs feature generates URLs that are less cluttered and easier to understand.

These improvements allow firms to better manage operations and allow users to access the platform from anywhere. With Odoo 18, you can enhance your user experience and operational efficiency by enhancing navigation and the mobile experience.

Bette Opportunity with Upgraded Mobile

Businesses may improve their operations management with these features, which also guarantee that users can access the platform from any location.

  • Multi-Company Support: Easier Switching and Management

Improving efficiency for enterprises with complicated structures and enhanced multi-company support makes switching and managing several companies within the Odoo platform easier. Businesses will be able to run more efficiently thanks to the enhanced support features, which give greater tools for managing various enterprises.

Reducing the time and effort needed to manage activities across several entities is made easier when transitioning between companies.

Multi Options - Odoo 18 - Learn More

Improved operational efficiency and performance are supported by Odoo 18, which offers better tools for managing multiple companies. With these advantages, firms may streamline their operations and run several enterprises like clockwork.

  • Updated Frameworks: Bootstrap 5.3 and New Unit Testing

The platform’s efficiency and stability are improved by the updated frameworks in Odoo 18, such as Bootstrap 5.3 and additional unit testing features. Improved tools for building and managing the platform are provided by the revised frameworks, guaranteeing its stability and efficiency. New unit testing features ensure platform quality and reliability by reducing errors and improving performance.

Improved platform performance and dependability are two outcomes of Odoo 18’s enhanced development and maintenance tools. By enhancing the platform’s stability and efficiency, these features enable enterprises to better manage their operations.


The updates and enhancements in Odoo 18 promise to deliver significant benefits to users, enhancing their ability to manage various business functions efficiently. From advanced financial management to improved customer engagement tools, these updates reflect Odoo’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly ERP solution.

As businesses continue to evolve, TeckZilla remains at the forefront, offering cutting-edge tools and features that support growth and innovation.

The new features in Odoo 18 provide better tools for managing operations, ensuring that businesses can operate more effectively and efficiently. The enhancements also support better compliance with local regulations, ensuring that businesses can meet the needs of their international customers.

By providing better tools for managing operations, Odoo 18 helps businesses improve their performance and achieve their goals.

These updates ensure that businesses can leverage the latest technology to stay competitive and succeed in a dynamic market. This article is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice.

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