One of the most versatile platforms. Odoo 15 is all set to bring remarkable changes. Another exciting launch of Odoo in 2021 promises new features. Nevertheless, just like previous versions, Odoo will certainly come up with better and latest improvements.

As a result, let us try to find out why it has become such a hot topic in recent times.

Why the Buzz around Odoo 15?

The characteristic feature of Odoo is user-friendliness. Furthermore, it is trustworthy, fast, and has ERP support for different business sizes. It becomes an ideal partner for ERP solutions for any business.

Each year the software becomes more optimized than before. Most businesses enjoyed benefits from the last arrival of Odoo 14. Moreover, the anticipation around Odoo 15 and its features are way too high. Thus, here goes our expectations from the upcoming improved version of Odoo 15.

Odoo 15 & Expectations from New Version

  • ●       HTML editor

Just like any other text editor, this HTML editor edits the HTML code for developers. Also, choices in font colours, headers, and flexibility to add hyperlinks would be provided.

image 10
  • ●       Import screen

This new feature has advanced improvements. In addition, the menu option helps in handling accounting. This feature shall save time and import the files quickly.

  • ●       New Field

The accounting option has the cash rounding segment that allows better handling of invoices.

image 9
  • ●       Pivot views and graph views

The viewing options are editable for better adjustments on the Odoo studio. Users can adjust the functionalities as per their choice.

  • ●       Asset tab

This option will allow the user to view all the assets by turning on the developer mode. Currently, this is very useful to the developers.

image 11
  • ●       Multiple products options

There are many additions to backend features. The user can mark the favourite products and also filter the favourite products. They can also create products like gift cards, add signatures in the sales order, add ribbons in products, ship later configuration, and many more.

>> Now you can mark products as favourites

image 14

You can filter Your Favourite Products

image 17

>> To create a Product as Gift Card

image 15

>> To add signatures in the sales order

Add Customer Signature in a Sale Order

●   Multiple teams feature

The multiple teams feature is amazing since it allows a single user to be a part of multiple teams. The CRM settings allow the configuration for this feature. It is an efficient addition that allows rule-based lead assignment.

image 13
  • ●       Mail list Management

The new feature of the mail list module shall allow the management of emails. It also gives access to the customers to unsubscribe from the portal. Therefore, it is efficient in mail management.

image 16
  • ●       POS (Point of Sale Module)

The POS settings shall enable coupons and promotions. The product menu option will provide the feasibility to create coupons and promotions as per the business needs. Moreover, the system shall quickly check the validity of a coupon code and allow a discount on the bill amount.

image 12
  • ●       Enhanced user experience

The popular trend of using Odoo in businesses suggests its user-friendliness. It is expected to become better this time as well. However, it has much more room for growth. We expect it to be greater every time a new version comes up.

  • Inventory & Manufacturing Revamps

For Odoo15, the makers have upgraded the inventory and manufacturing management by adding novel filters. These will help in locating identical serial codes, negative stocks, etc. They have also included scheduling cycle count features for multiple inventory facilities. The software will also use the percentage of total products and BOM formulas to enhance manufacturing operations.

image 18

What can Businesses do with Odoo 15?

The experience in 2021 for Odoo 15 users is determined to be better with the modified features. Definitely, it is becoming better and more advanced. A preferable choice for major industries and businesses. Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted partner in your business, choose Odoo15. Avail this amazing open-source software solution provider.

The newer and faster customization choices will bring lots of opportunities. The growth for online businesses is expected to rise. It shall enhance its experiences for both the clients and the users.

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