ODOO 14: Unveiling Features

Odoo or On-Demand Open Object is said to be an all-in-one management software and is considered to be a complete package of ERP solutions. It is a collection of modules and applications related to business such as Sales management, CRM, Warehouse management, E-commerce, Purchase management, et cetera.  Odoo 14 is the latest and most recent version of this software and it brings a lot of exciting and useful applications and features to the table which greatly improves the experience for the customer as well as the provider.  Read on to learn more about these features:
  • Website builder

Creating websites has never been easier with Odoo’s new website builder. This builder provides the user with a wide variety of themes to perfectly suit their website and numerous new blocks. An in-built library allows the user to select pictures, illustrations, and themes for their website. Optimization of these images is also possible with the in-built editing software which allows the user to customize the image to one’s liking—from size and shapes to being able to add filters. Along with all this, it also provides its users with the ability to add illustrations and shapes. These illustrations re-color themselves to match the theme you have selected. Shapes allow you to further customize your website and make it look livelier than ever. All this is possible thanks to the powerful HTML editor provided. Overall, the website builder in Odoo 14 is 3.43 times faster than that of Odoo 13!   1 2
  • Events

Creation of online events is made easier than ever in Odoo 14. With just a few clicks you can set yourself and your event up to your liking. This convenience is not just limited to the creator, but attendees also have a wide range of conveniences to choose. They can mark the talks and events they seem to be interested in as favourites, interact with other attendees and can even record their current activity or event using hotkeys. With Odoo 14, the user can also create Improvised Events with meeting Rooms   3
  • Documents

The new PDF cutter allows you to split a PDF into separate smaller ones. Journal entries are automatically filled with the help of Odoo’s AI-powered invoice automation—which Odoo boasts of as it has a 95.88% success rate. This OCR technology also works with expenses by simply taking a picture and is also able to recognize the type of document. Odoo has introduced a spreadsheet app as well—this way the user does not need to import and export a report, but can simply view on a spreadsheet within Odoo itself. All one needs to do is simply select the spreadsheet template and Odoo will do the rest! 4 1  
  • BI – Reporting (Instant Business Intelligence) 

Odoo 14 also makes it possible for the user to create Business Reports (Instant Business Reports). It enables the user to make detailed reports having graphs and statistical data with just a few clicks. The user can also use the already existing templates or use personalized templates to create specific reports. The reports can then be further analyzed by using built-in filters or even custom filters! BI BI 1  
  • Data Organization

An in-built data management and clean up setup makes it as easy as clicking a single button in order to delete duplicates and manage data. The CRM provides opportunities with recurring revenues as well. Merging duplicate data is an extremely useful feature which allows the user to effectively perform data cleaning.   7  
  • Outlook Integration

Odoo 14 provides you with Odoo for Outlook. This way all your data from outlook gets connected to Odoo, including pushing your contacts. This means emails getting bridged across to your Odoo database. Along with this, synchronisation for your calendar is also possible  8  
  • Appraisal and Feedback

With Odoo 14, the user can set up an appraisal by simply selecting the date of the appraisal. Creating a feedback form is also extremely easy, owing to its user-friendly UI and customized questions along with feedback options.  9  
  • Surveys

Carrying out surveys during live events is now possible. Real time inputs of attendees are made available to the presenter. Hotkey integration makes the process even simpler.  10  
  • Manufacturing and Production

One can easily view the progress being made on a customer’s product. A detailed table provides the user with information such as product name, expected time of completion, serial number, or status of a product. One can also prioritize a product if its production is running behind schedule as well as edit orders at the request of the customer. Changing the priority of reserved stock is also possible. 11  
  • Inventory management

Inventory management has been given an improvement by the incorporation of barcodes. Precise information is provided, and the buttons integrated in the UI allows one to easily edit and update the inventory. Odoo 14 has 3 picking styles—Wave Picking, Batch Picking as well as Cluster Picking. Using the MPS (Master Production Schedule), stock can also be replenished according to the forecast by using the Replenishment Module. Inventory Inventory 1  
  • Expenses and Customer Quotations

Odoo 14 allows the user to read Expense Receipts by using OCR Technologies, and can even recognise the Category of the Expenses. Checking the stock of products can now be done while making customer quotations. Quotations show the stock availability as well as the forecasted stock where the forecast relies on accurate data.           14   15  
  • Orders

Customers can check the reliability of the vendor based on previous orders. Along with this, they are able to send emails to the vendors to acknowledge their Purchase Orders (PO)  before the planned delivery date as well as are able to update the delivery dates for their own convenience. Choosing a vendor based on their OTD or On Time Delivery satisfaction ratio is another key feature of Odoo 14. 16
  • Product configurator

The product configurator is integrated into the point of sale. This makes it easy to configure and select variants. Payment Terminal can be integrated in POS as well. Payment methods are also integrated into the product configurator along with being able to provide tips after authorization of the payment.  17 18
  • Timesheet Module 

With the integration of hotkeys to make the process of creating timesheets as well as adding minutes simpler, recording time spent on a task has become even easier and accurate. Generating invoice based on this timesheet is also made possible in Odoo 14. Timesheet

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