Odoo 13 Website Form Builder

Odoo 13 Website Builder is a useful open source website builder tool that implements the creation of complicated websites without HTML or JavaScript coding. In the Odoo Website builder, now you can design and edit their website with no technical knowledge needed. Odoo Website allows users to configure and manage a website efficiently thanks to simple tools. 

Odoo 13 website builder is highly recommended for business owners who need a website for frequently publishing their products. Odoo Website Form builders are very useful for blogs and for basic landing pages which will allow the visitors to get the business information they are looking for.

Whenever you want to design a website, blog or forum yourself you will do it with Odoo. You don’t need programming knowledge to create a quality and beautiful site, you can easily change all you want by yourself. You can pick up those functions that you want to see on your site and not pay extra.

At that time you are creating an e-commerce website, a customer relationship management portal or even a company website, Odoo can handle it all. In Odoo 13 the website form builder is replaced from Odoo Enterprise Edition to Odoo Community Edition and it grants you to design Odoo website forms that can be used to input the organizational information as contact forms and to collect customer information.

Go to Apps and search for Website Builder.

Now you can search for Forum_builder in the search box. At that time you can install the Form Builder.

form builder

Now go to the website option on the top left corner drop-down menu and select the website. This will take you to the website builder form.

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In Odoo 13 Website you can see the option Edit on the top right corner. Now you can see the various features like structures, features, effects and inner content options. Just click on any required block and drag-drop to the page.

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Now you can see the new changes in Odoo Website Builder

  • Blog Design 
  • Forum Design
  • Odoo Themes Open Sourced
  • Events Page Design
  • Improved Building Blocks

Blog Design in Odoo 13 

In Odoo 13 website form builder, the blog builder has introduced a new design with intense and larger images. Whenever you want to create a good looking website, blog, and forum in Odoo. In Odoo Website form builder you can easily design own choice all you want by yourself. In Odoo 13 website builder you don’t need any programming knowledge to design a good looking blog and site.

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Forum Design in Odoo 13

 In Odoo 13  you can see the new look of the forum.  It is seen in the new design and super clean in Odoo13.

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Odoo Themes Open Sourced

Odoo 13 has made all official themes open source and free.

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Events Page Design in Odoo 13 

In Odoo 13 now you can create your page from scratch by dragging and dropping fully customizable building blocks. In Odoo 13 Events page becomes more good looking and has an perceptive design. You will have full control of the menu with click drag and drop items. You can also change color through the toolbar.

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 Improved Building Blocks in Odoo 13 

Odoo 13  introduced an Improved building blocks mechanism for good looking website pages. With the help of that is you can simply change the various features like background, add features, give padding easily, change the number of columns, etc.

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