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One of the biggest challenges of a company is to engage efficiently with their community. Odoo Social helps you to meet your audience with the help of several supports: social media, push notifications or live chat requests.

Social marketing allows businesses and web sites to gain popularity over the Internet by using different types of social media available, such as blogs, video, and photo sharing sites, social networking sites and social bookmarking web sites. As the module name, Odoo Social Marketing better manages your social profile. In this Blog, you are going to discuss how to work the “Odoo 13 Social Marketing” module.


First of all, now you can install the Odoo Social Marketing modules in your Odoo Apps.

Odoo Social Marketing

Now go to the Social Marketing app and click on the Feed button and add a stream

Odoo Social Marketing

To add social media and create feed

Whenever you want to add your social media accounts. Go to the Social Marketing module -> and select your social media account at that time, click on the Add a Stream button.

Odoo Social Marketing

At the same time, it’is successfully added, you’ll be deflected to the feed. Your new column will be automatically added to the publications of your new social account. Now you can add a new stream to your feed at that time, you can be customized Kanban view as per your need.

Odoo social marketing

Now when you add some social media accounts to your Feed will also add a few KPI on it:

Audience: This field is used to show the number of channel followers

Engagement: This field is used to check the ability to reach out to and get a response from a company (as a consumer) or an audience (as a company). Engagement is used to check the number of times people got engaged with the posts.

Stories: Story marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is used to check the number of times people got engaged with your channels and shared or retweeted your posts?

Story marketing is about transporting your audiences through a well-crafted brand story strategy.

To Publish content in Social Marketing Apps:

In Odoo 13 Social Marketing is used to businesses with these goals. In Odoo Social Marketing is allow teams or individuals to post to multiple accounts and social networks from a single application. Often, the software includes customization options to help tailor posts to each platform.

With the help of the Odoo Social Marketing app now you can perform various publishing operations by posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn using a single platform.

Whenever you want to publish the content on social apps, go to Social Marketing app -> Feed -> and click on the New Post button. Now you can customize your content by adding images, videos or labels, etc.

Now you can fill the following required fields Post on, message, attach images, campaign, when, push notification title, push target URL, push icon image, send at visitors timezone, etc.

Odoo Social Marketing

To enable push notifications on website

The push notifications system uses a Firebase account, configured by default. This type of feature is used to send push notifications to your website subscribers.

If you want to enable this feature on your website, Go to Website module -> Setting -> Configuration and tick the checkbox of enable web push notification.

Odoo Social Marketing

When it’s complete, a popup will occur to your website’s visitors, request them to grant push notifications. At the same time, they subscribe to it. now you can start sending them to push notifications via the visitor’s menu. You can either forward it separately or mark on a large section by accepting various visitors in the list view.

To Interact with Online Visitors:

Now you can contact the visitors through sending emails, messages, and push notification.
At that time you can track individual visitors that have to arrive on the page.

Odoo Social Marketing

To configure your social  media accounts (Facebook / Twitter)

Odoo Social Marketing application is once configured with Facebook and Twitter accounts, on the other hand, whenever you want to configure a new social media account. First of all, you can activate the developer mode in your account. At that time Go to Configuration -> Settings and enter the API keys.

Odoo Social Marketing

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