Odoo V13 Roadmap

Odoo ERP is a single software that covers all the requirements. It’s been a year and again Odoo releasing its new version that is Odoo version 13. The most incredible ERP software platform Odoo is getting its version 13 soon in October 2019. It also helps you to progress the quality and efficiency of your business.

Last year, Odoo released version 12, Odoo has tried to introduce which had lots of new features some of the biggest tremendous in Version 12 came to the Accounting module. Other some new modules with great features like Document Management module, to share documents amongst your team, and an Internet of Things module.

This blog is composed based on the Odoo v13 road map session presented during the Odoo Experience 2018. There are a lot of new impressive aspects to witness in Odoo V13.

Here highlighting some of the features which will be seen in Odoo version 13.

1) Odoo Bank

2) OCR

3) The accountant as a service

4) Integration with recruitment

5) Internet of things

6) Stock Management Enhancement

7) Improvement in Maintenance App

8) Track positions

9) Record Attendance

10) Industry Focus

Odoo Bank:

Whenever you want to increase or grow your business, wage or money is a necessary factor. It takes tons of time to go to a bank and getting a loan. Odoo overcomes this time-consuming process and simplifies loan procedure by intending to offer loans directly from Odoo. It is a simple and fast way to get some cash. This will help to get some cases easy and fast on an immediate basis.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

OCR feature is already introduced in Odoo V 12.  Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. This helps the end-user to scan a record and fetch their data automatically. It also provisions to get it recorded in the system. Suppose if you have a PDF report of the vendor bill that you have received from your vendor, you can just upload the report, the system will get it scanned and record of the pdf in the system making the whole process easier.

The accountant as a service:

Whenever you don’t have an accountant beside who knows the Odoo accounting, Odoo helps you in providing a suitable accountant as a substitute for you that will directly work on Odoo 13. This eventually saves both time and money because you won’t have to transfer your accounting data from Odoo to the other accounting software, as everything will be integrated and you encompass someone who knows the system and use it.

Integration with recruitment:

If you want to post one job ad on a recruitment website like a monster, indeed in one click and that will be a good feature for the HR department.

Internet of things:

IoT box is something which is designed for connecting various gadgets with the core platform. This helps to increase the range of the ERP software which in turn increases the capability of the software. The Odoo IoT module can work along with other modules and so it will be really helpful if you use IoT devices for your business. IoT can be used as monitoring tools. In short, Connect IoT devices to Odoo in an easy manner.

Stock Management:

Stock Management in V13 will use the advantage of the Internet of things(IoT).  It helps to track quantities to never run out-of-stock. It may come into vicinity that connecting hardware in the rack/shelves in such a way that the hardware will calculate the stock and let you know about the on-hand stock as well as the stock shortage details in real-time.

Improvement in Maintenance App:

In maintenance also IoT will be used to monitor the devices clearly and know about the status of each machine or equipment and it will reduce downtime of it.

Track positions:

In Odoo IoT can also be used position tracking. Odoo 13 supports the possibility of tracking the material, Fleet, stock, etc. So that you can know the location of the stock/products exactly where those are. Suppose whenever you have a big warehouse, by tracking it is easy to know where the product is. In the case of the fleet, we can get the current location of the fleet where it is.

There are a lot of new impressive aspects to witness in Odoo V13, so we can have look at it one by one.

  1. The website form builder is shifted to Community
  2. Sales Coupon and Promotion module is shifted to Community
  3. HR payroll is shifted from Community Edition to Enterprise.
  4. List View Improvements
  5. Addition of HR Skills Module is included for managing employee skills.
  6. Leave is Renamed to Timeoff in Odoo13
  7. New Search Panel is introduced in the Kanban View
  8. New App introduction of Field Service Management.
  9. Delivery Method is renamed to Shipping Method
  10. Odoo13 is running on jQuery 3.x
  11. MRP Subcontracting
  12. HTML editor support now as Checklists.
  13. Chartjs will be available in Odoo v13.
  14. Display a timer on your work orders
  15. Point of Sale Login With Employee Odoo13
  16. Odoo eCommerce will support Product videos
  17. Three new fields added i.e.Can be Expensed, Is a Landed Cost and Sell on eBay.
  18. Odoo V13 will have New ‘Forecasted Inventory’ report which shows the forecasted Inventory for all products.
  19. Manage online certifications with Odoo Survey. Test deadline, multiple attempts, on-screen timer, passing score, send and print certificates.
  20. Open Record Rules and Access Rights Easily in Odoo V13
  21. Odoo V13 add attachments option in Portal
  22. Odoo V13 Calculator Widget
  23. Odoo version 13 will add a new signature widget for binary fields.

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