Odoo 13 New Features

Odoo is a specific software that covers all the requirements. Odoo has already one of the finest business application tools to boost business productivity and operational excellence. Odoo as the primary need for every Small, Medium or large organization. It’s been a year and again Odoo releasing its new version that is Odoo version 13. The most ridiculous ERP software platform. It also helps you to improve the quality and performance of your business.

In the Odoo 13, a few of the modules from Odoo 12 Enterprise is changed to Community Edition. This blog is possessed based on the “Odoo 13 New Features” session presented during the Odoo Experience 2019. There are a lot of new impressive aspects to witness in Odoo V13.

Now Lets’ see the complete features list in Odoo 13

1.) Website Form Builder:

The website form builder is replaced from Enterprise Edition to Community Edition.

 form builder

form builder

2.) Sales Coupons & Promotions Module

Sales coupons and Promotions module is replaced from Community Edition to enterprise Edition.

Sales Coupon and promotion

3.) New Search Panel

New Search Panel is introduced in the kanban view. Now you can conveniently filter the records using the new search Panel

Seach panel

4.)Skill Management Module

A new module is introduced called the HR Skills Module is included for managing employee skills.

The module allows you to handle Manage the skills, resume of your employees. Training sessions, etc.

skill 1


5. ) Leave is renamed as Time off in Odoo13


At that time now you can show Dashboard TimeOff feature in Odoo 13.

Dashboard Time Off

6.) Odoo HR Payroll module

In Odoo 13 HR Payroll will be part of Odoo Enterprise Edition. HR Payroll is moved from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition. HR Payroll Module is Removed from Odoo 13 Community Edition(CE).

HR Payroll

7.)  Delivery Method is renamed to Shipping Method in Odoo 13

Shipping method

8.) Field Service Management

Odoo 13 introduced a new app like Field Service Management.

field service

8.) Approval app

A new app like the Approval app is added in Odoo13, this type of module helps to approve the various request submitted through the employees.

Approval app

9.) Employee Presence app

In Odoo 13 the new app is introduced like Employee Presence app. Whatever will observe the presence of the employee based on the IP, Emails, etc.

Employee presence


In Odoo 13 new feature is introduced like Subcontracting in the MRP. At that time it allows you to directly enter order details of your vendor in the system.

Subcontracting MRP

11.) Calendar Improvements

In Odoo 13 you can see the new improvements in the Calendar


12.)Survey Improvements

In this type of feature, you can manage online certifications with Odoo Survey. Test deadline, multiple attempts, on-screen timer, passing score, send and print certificates.

New answer type ‘date-time’ in Odoo Survey


13.)Lunch Improvements

Odoo 13 introduced a new UI, new cart feature and other changes for the lunch module.

14.)Inventory Forecast

In Odoo 13  The line chart displays the quantity vs time for various products.

Inventory forecast

Now you can generate or Print return shipping labels with FedEx.

15.) Calculator Widget:

In Odoo 13 calculator widget works for order lines on the sales order, purchase order, invoices, etc. It helps to do the calculations easily.


16.) Ribbon Widget

In Odoo 13 the Ribbon Widget views the status of the invoice as paid to the user.


17.) Buy Now Button

The ‘Buy Now’ new feature is being introduced in Odoo 13. At that time you take directly from the product page to the Checkout page with the product in the cart.

Buy now

18.)Payroll Planning


19.) Set up an Out Of Office message on your leaves.

20.)Partner Map View

In Odoo 13now you can show the new map view for the contacts using the map box.

Partrner map view

21.) Three new fields added i.e.Can be Expensed, Is a Landed Cost and Sell on eBay.


In Odoo 13 Login to POS UI as Employee, rather than of User.


23.)Product Videos on Website

In Odoo 13 display Product Videos in eCommerce. Now you can add product video to the product pages on the Odoo website.

Product video

24.) Odoo13 is running on jQuery 3.x

25.) Signature

In Odoo 13 now you can add a new signature widget (binary field). Add signatures anywhere with Odoo Studio. Request signed confirmations in any process: on purchase orders, delivery receipts, etc.


 26.) After-sales services. Manage refunds, returns, coupons, and repairs directly from your helpdesk tickets. Integrate your support teams with sales, accounting, project, and warehouse departments.


27.) Product Configurator

28.) Section and notes in Purchase Order.

29.) Invoice

In Odoo 13 Invoicing a sales order is a simple and better manner, the option to reduce down payments only appears whenever needed.

Warning on the invoice.


30.) Open Record Rules and Access Rights Easily in Odoo V13

31.) In Odoo 13 you can request the upload of a document from a record with your new activity type.

New User Interface to the forum in Odoo 13.


32.) List View Improvements

33.) HTML editor support now as Checklists.

34.) Document Layout

Now you can apply your own choice branding colors/font to your document layout in Odoo 13

Document layout

35.) In Odoo 13 now you can add attachments in Portal section


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