Odoo 13 Live Chat 

Odoo 13 Live chat can be used as both a customer service and marketing channel for organizations. Odoo Website Live chat allows you to increase your sales by engaging the right prospects at the right time as well as by generating a ton of new leads. Odoo 13 Live chat on your website allows you to have real-time conversations with your customers. This is the perfect tool to improve customer satisfaction.


First of all you can install the Live Chat module in your database.

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To Start Live Chart:

Now you can create a new live chat for your website

Go to the live chat and create a new live chat for your website. Now users at the same time they access your website and whenever they have any feedback or queries take they can have live chat providing name of website as teckzilla.net.

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Now you can direct access to your channels in Live Chat modules. There, operators can simply join and leave the chat.

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To add the live chat to an Odoo website

Whenever your website was created with Odoo, at that time the live chat is automatically added to it. 

Go to Website -> Configuration -> Settings to choose the channel to be linked to the website.


Channel Rules:

In the channels form you can define the rules for the live chat. Now you can fill the following fields like Action, URL Regex, Country. Now you can select to display the chat in the countries you speak the language of. To identify the country, GeoIP must be installed on your server. Otherwise, the countries of the rule will not be taken into account.

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Now go to the website whenever you are new to website just copy and paste this code as a HTML with the header tag here you can also provide additional rule information and save the changes or copy this URL and send it through email to your customers or suppliers.

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Now go to the Options section in the channel form, various messages can be typed to display automatically on the chat. 

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If you want to start chatting with customers, first of all your channel is published on your website. Now click on Unpublished on Website button on the top right corner of the channel form to toggle the Published setting. At that time, the live chat can begin once an operator has joined the channel.

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