Odoo 13 Inventory: Warehouse Resupply from Multi-Warehouses

Odoo an Open source ERP solution helps you to implement and customize Manufacturing ERP software for your business. Manufacturing module in Odoo manage all manufacturing related activities. Odoo Inventory management is the process of keeping track of all the goods your company has in stock.  Warehouses are focal points for product and information flow between sources of supply and recipient. One of the most integral parts of your business is inventory management.

First of all, you can install the Inventory Module in your database

Resupply warehouse

Now you can activate the multi-warehouse and multi-step routes features.

Go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Settings -> and tick the checkbox of multi-step routes and muti-warehouse.

Resupply warehouse 2

Go to Inventory -> Configuration ->Warehouse to select the warehouse whichever should be resupplied with a different one.

Now you can fill the following required fields like Warehouse name, Short name, Company name, Address, Resupply tab, Shipment tab, etc.

Resupply Warehouse 3 new

At that time you can go to the: Inventory -> Master Dater -> and click on the products.
Now you can fill the following required fields like Product Name, under the Inventory tab you can tick the checkbox of route like Demo Company: Supply Product from  Your Warehouse

Resupply warehouse 4

Now you can create the new Quotation and enter the details of all the following required fields like Customer Name, Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Quotation Template, Expiration, Payment Terms and fill all the fields in Other Info tab. In the Sales Order, you can choose the secondary warehouse.

Resupply warehouse 5

At that time system will automatically create two picking orders one delivery order from my second warehouse that contains the essential products,  and a receipt in your main warehouse WH/Stock for the same products. 

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