Odoo 13 Inventory Using Routes (Procurement, & Push Rules)

Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management. Odoo is an open-source application with the high customization capabilities from ERP to CRM, E-commerce, CMS, POS, Accounting and even more. ERP for Inventory management simplifies the process of managing and tracking the stock level to improve efficiencies in the company.

 In this Blog, you are going to discuss, “Odoo 13 Inventory Using Routes (Procurement, & Push Rules)”. With the help of ERP software, one can efficiently manage the inventory. ERP system enables the most efficient stocking methods for your inventory and helps to improve all the internal operations. Push rules cause at the same time, items enter an appropriate area. They automatically move the product to another location. Odoo Procurement rule decreases the inventory levels and the cost of storing the goods in the inventory. In Odoo Procurement rules explain whereby procurements on particular locations should be fulfilled like wherever the product should come from the source location


Now Lets’ see how to configure Routes Rules in Odoo 13

First of all, you can install the Inventory Modules in your database.

Routes Rules 1

Go to the Inventory modules -> Configuration -> Setting and tick the checkbox of Advance routing of product using rules.

In Odoo 13 Routes are explained as various ways through which a product is obtained or sold from your warehouse. The route provides a sale or purchase product that is properly tracked. Odoo can handle advanced push/pull routes configuration.

  • Routes for handle product manufacturing chains.
  • Routes for handle default locations per product.
  • Now you can explain routes within your warehouse according to business needs, such as quality control, after-sales services or supplier returns.
  • Generating automated return moves for rented products.

To create a route click the Create button.

4 3

Now you can create new routes from the following steps.

Pre-configured routes

Odoo owns some pre-configured routes for your warehouses. i.e. In the Inventory module, go to Configuration -> Warehouses 

Now you can go to the Warehouse Configuration tab, and set the routes as per your need and standards then click on the Incoming and Outgoing Shipping option.

5 4

Custom Routes

Now Lets’ see how to use the custom routes in Odoo
Go to the Inventory module ->  Configuration -> Routes.

use routes03

Routes applied on Warehouse:

Whenever you tick the Warehouse option, Now you can select which warehouse it will be applied. In Warehouse the routes will be used to set for all transfer as per the procurement and push rules.

6 2

Routes applied on Product:

Now, whenever you tick the checkbox of Products, you have to manually set on which product it will be applied.

7 3

At that time you can apply the routes on a specific product. Go to Inventory -> Control -> Products and click on the routes option in the Inventory Tab.

8 3

Routes applied in Product Categories:

Now you can tick the checkbox of Product Categories, to set manually on which categories it will be applied.

Whenever you want to apply routes on Products Categories, Go to Inventory -> Configurations -> Product Categories -> Logistics. Now you can select the route to set the route.

9 2

Routes applied on Sales Order lines

Now you can tick the checkbox of Sales Order Lines to manually set the routes each time to create a new sales order.

10 1

To Configure Procurement Request

In Odoo procurement rules and pushes rules are part of the procurement rules. Odoo can handle advanced push/pull routes configuration.

In the Inventory module go to the product Inventory Control -> product, click on the procurement request at that time, you can select the route as per your need and standard.

procurement configuration

Configuration of Procurement:

Go to the Inventory module ->Configuration -> Settings and tick the checkbox of  “Advance routing of products using rules“ then click on the Save button.

3 4

The procurement rules are set on the routes. In the inventory application, go to Configuration  -> Routes. In the Procurement rules section, click on Add an item button.

Procurement rules can reduce the inventory levels and the cost of carrying and storing goods. One most advantage of the end-user is free from storing the excess amount of stocks.


To Configure Push Rule

Push rule proceeds a distinct amount of products from source locations to destination locations. In Odoo,  now you can set them in two ways like automated and manual.

The push rules are set on the routes. Go to Configuration –> Routes and click on the Create button.
In the push rule section, click on Add an item button.

push rule

In this example, at the same time, a good is in Input location, it wants to be shifted to the quality control. In the 3 steps receipts, the goods will be delivered from input location to quality control and from quality control to stock.

Push rule

 Now you can fill the following required fields like

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