Odoo 13 Field Service Management 

Odoo 13 introduces a new app for field workers in the industry. FSM is simply any system that is designed to keep track of the various components of field operations. These components typically include inventory management, vehicle tracking, scheduling, customer portals, and more. Odoo Field Service Management helps in repairing, installation, construction, and delivery of on-site services for homes and businesses. It operates in markets such as manufacturing, utilities, and consumer market.

So now tasks and projects can be used for field workers.

Now Lets’ see how to work Field Service Management in Odoo 13


Firstly, you can install theField Service Apps in your instance.

Field Service

 Planning in Field Service 

By using Planning for field service management, You can easily handle meeting all your specific requirements to manage your after-sales operations, allocate your teams, plan your interference and easily track your customers or employee needs. With the help of Planning in Field Service, you can easily assign and schedule tasks, and observe any task with an easy drag and drop.

In the Planning field, you can filter tasks by User or Employee and by Project-wise.

Now you can able to view their tasks three ways in planning fields:

1.) Day-wise

At the same time, you want to filter your task by user wise 

Go to Field Service module -> Planning -> and clicking on the  By User tab.

Field Service

When you click on the by User button under the planning field now you can easily view all the tasks organized between multiple users or locations.

Field Service 1

When you click on the by project button under the planning field. Now you can create as many projects as per your need and you can track all the tasks in an ordered way and organized between various teams or locations.

Field Service 2

To Create Tasks in Field Service:

Whenever you want to create new tasks in the field service app, you can fill the following required fields like task title name, customer name, date, effective hours, assigned to, project. This task on project stored information about worksheet on task, quotation on task, invoice on task and time that the user spend.

Go to Field Service module -> and click on the tasks button

Field Service 3.

To Add Worksheet On task

Whenever you want to add a worksheet on the task. At that time, you can create its own worksheet template or use the existing default worksheet.

Now you can fill the following required fields like Name, Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Intervention Type, Description of the Intervention,  Customer Signature, etc.

At the same time, a user can work on the worksheet,  you can start a timer on a task because that time shows the spent time. after that user can add worksheet on task and click on the Save button.

Field Service

Field Service 5

To Add Products

Now you can add new products to clicking on the product button. At that time, you can view added products by clicking on the product button and the user can view the task. Now you can add multiple products on the task.
Field Service 9

To Calculate Spent Time

When you are successfully adding products on task and then you can use the timer to calculate the spent time. After successfully adding products on task and you can stop the timer by clicking on the Stop button.
In Odoo Field Service’s perceptive design, now you can sell products with a single click!
Field Service 5

To Create Quotation and Invoice on task

Whenever you want to add a new quotation on the task by click on the quotation button then your quotation will be displayed on task. After your quotation  will be validated, then you can create new
Invoice for that quotation and it will display on that task. You can create a log and send messages to customers by clicking on the Log Note and Send Message.

Field Service 11
Field Service 12

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