Odoo 13 Event Management

Odoo Event management contain creating and developing large-scale events which might consist of conferences, conventions, concerts, seminars, festivals, and ceremonies. Odoo 13 gives a easy and nice event management system. The event management process as a whole is quite tedious as it revolves with multiple segments like the scheduling of dates, fixing of events, issuing tickets/pass etc. As an ERP software, Odoo comes up with a simple event management system, which helps to plan, manage and execute the events properly and efficiently.


Now Lets’ see how to booking event in Odoo 13. First of all you can install the Website builder and Event module in your database.

At that time tick the checkbox of ticket and online ticketing in the registration tab

Go to Event -> Configuration -> Setting -> Registration -> and tick the check box of Ticket & Online Ticketing. 


At that time you can create event categories like seminar, conference etc.

Events-> Configuration -> Event Categories.

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Now you can fill the following fields like event category, location, communication, visibility etc. Under the  section of visibility, you can tick the checkbox of limited seats, at that time you can set minimum and maximum number of registration.

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Whenever you want to create new event now you can fill following fields like name of the event, organizer, location, company, start date, end date etc. You can also schedule email like notification email or remainder email from email schedule tab.

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At that time you can register the attendees for individual event and there is also an option to confirm or cancel the registration. At the same time you confirm one attendee then you can provide a badge for him with sending a confirmation mail.

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Odoo 13 Event Management gives efficient report analysis, So that you can analyse the report by date, organizer, attendees, category etc.

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We have many dependent modules for event management in Odoo. Now you can track event from website through Website event track module. At the same time you publish events on the websites via click on publish on website button.

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