Odoo 13 Document Management System

Odoo ERP software is a simple way to handle all types of transactions along with saving records in a document form. In Odoo Document management, often referred to as Odoo Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to easily share, send, save, store, manage and track electronic documents.

Odoo Document Management System also called a Content Management System. Odoo Document Management System is used to hold business documents like vendor bills, tasks, and product sheets.

In this article, you are going to discuss the “Odoo 13 Document Management System”. Odoo Document Management System is used to reducing lots of paperwork and give formative smooth access to information.

In business, Document Management Software is used to saving time means saving money. An ideal document management system should provide the following features:
>>Create Documents using Templates
>>Link Document to records in System
>>Link to ERP/ CRM system
>>Forward, Move, Share Documents
>>Email Documents
>>Revise Documents


First of all, you can install the Document module in your instance.


Odoo Document Management module defines four types of document method:
1.)  Photos
2.) URL
3.)  Videos
4.) Word/PDF
In the Odoo Document module, you can preview all these documents before sending all documents. 
Document 2
After completing the document uploading at that time, you can share the document by clicking on the share button.

Now you can fill the following required fields like enter the URL or copy text, Share type, Name of the share link, tick the checkbox of allows to, document validity time, workspace then click on the Done button to save all the required fields information.

Document 3
In Odoo you can find special features like chatterbox- Odoobot that occur every time real-time notifications and alerts.

Document 4..
In Odoo Document modules you have various options like-

Now you can download, share, replace and lock any document or video link. At that time you can add the new tag by clicking on the Add a tag button. 

Document 4.. 3

a) Deprecate Documents–  Deprecate document means disapproval of documents.

b) Validate Documents- The process of validate scope is implemented to verify and assure the quality of the deliverables. When you click on the validate document button at that time, you can be sent documents successfully.

c) Review Documents- When you click on the review button at that time, you can find all the reviews of the sent documents.

Document 5

d.) Request a signature and sign directly: Now you can send a signature request and sign directly in the documents.

Document Sign
In Odoo Document Management Software, you can easily find files using tags and labels. At the same time, you want to search for a specific file, now you can easily search for it and filter the results.
In the Odoo Document module now you have various options to set documents via clicking on the upload button, clicking on the Add URL button, clicking on the request document button.
Document 7...

Whenever you need to add any additional documents is just clicking on the Request Document button. Now you can fill all required fields like name, owner, contact, due date in, activity type, workspace, tag and click on the request button.

Document 8
In Odoo Document Management Software (DMS), files are much safer, searchable, and accessible on any platform—from a personal cell phone to an office workstation. Now you can also sort the list of files in the grid view with drag-and-drop. With the Odoo Document Management Systems (DMS), organizations of all types and sizes gained the ability to capture, track, manage, store, and retrieve documents much more effective.

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