Odoo 13 Dashboard

Odoo ERP dashboard give as a company-wide data monitoring tool that helps identify and plan enterprise resources. Odoo ERP dashboard arranges and displays the following business-critical information like Sales, including revenue, lead generation,  etc. HR, including salary rates and bonuses, absence, etc.

In this Blog you are going to discuss how to work “Dashboard in Odoo 13“. It gives one user-interface for the entire company to monitor and manage product materials, parts and components as well as inventory, distribution and logistics, capacity utilization, purchases and orders, financial flows, and human resources. Now you can use the dashboard module to quickly handle common widget. Odoo has a very adjustable dashboard system. In Odoo 13 dashboard is existing within project, PoS, invoicing to handle widget quickly.


Now Lets’ see how to work dashboard in Odoo 13

First of all, you can install the “Dashboard” in Odoo 13


Go to apps ->more- >dashboard

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To add sales order into dashboard:

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Now go to the dashboard and all sales order placed in the Odoo dashboard.


Now you can also add more than one items into the dashboard and you can access easily. 

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Dashboard in Odoo are important for visualization of data in a good way.

Now you can change dashboard layout by click on the dashboard button.

Go to dashboard ->change layout and click on the ok button.

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