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In business, project forecasts often involve the analysis of data, such as the performance history of a particular project. Forecasts can be made with respect to project duration, overall project cost, performance/quality level of project deliverables, or any combination of these. In Odoo v12, Project Management Module is a fast user interface designed for modern project management and manages tasks for customer projects as well as our support issues in real-time, agile, and flexible way. Keep track of everything of your project at a glance: time spent, time forecasted, rates, billable hours, detailed analysis of the costs and revenues of your projects. 

In this blog, you can see how to activate the Project Forcast in Odoo V12. The purpose of forecasting is to give managers insight into how profitable projects are likely to be in the future. Under the Project Management module in Odoo v12, can design various ways to meet your needs: The Gantt chart view allows you to easily manage your resources and plans by simple drag & drop; The Calendar view also helps you map your deadlines and tasks needing the most attention; to analyze the progress of your tasks in the Graph view; Create specific stages per project and work on tasks and issues using the kanban view. 

First, you have to enable the Project Forcast option in your database.

Go to  Project -> Configuration -> Settings, tick the checkbox of Forecasts option and click on Save button. 

1 17

Now you have to create a new project and select the Allow forecast option. You’ll see the Forecast option appearing in the top menu.
Go to project module > Configuration > projects > create

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In the project app, you can create new tasks and can also forecast these tasks by click on the Forecast button situated in the menu on the top. Whenever you want to forecast the tasks, now click on the ADD A LINE button.

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The Forecast interface will fill in the following detail like name of the Project, task, assign to.  You can create 3 tasks and just need to add the dates and the time the task should take.

task 1 start

task 2 start

task 3 start

Go to the Project -> Configuration -> settings, you can set the forecast option. 

You can set the forecast option hours for each day. Another can also set forecast option relying on weeks and months.

4 after 1

Now you can click on the plus button,  you can view all information aggregated in the particular cell. From these records, you can manage the three task forecasting. Planned hours means the forecasted hours of the task. The “Effective hours” field appears only if you have the Timesheet app installed on your database.  %Time is the percentage of working time. 

correct task 2

task 1 convert 2

task 3.2

Now you can view the project forecasts at a different point of view: 

In the Project app menu, you have a Forecast menu. There will be different points of view: By Employee and By projects.

7 9

By Employee

In this field, you can see various employees and their successive planned working hours. On the other hand, you can’t directly view the project related to an employee but you can view the details through click on the plus button.

by employee

By Employee: Gantt View

This option displays the Gantt chart with the people assigned. Odoo’s Gantt chart shows you who’s involved; it gives you the big picture of the project.  On the left side, the first level, you can view which users are involved. At the same time, on the second level, you view which projects they are assigned to. On the third, you see which tasks they’re on.

Each task is represented by a colored rectangle. The top rectangle on the first level is the sum of all the tasks compiled from the third level. If it’s green, it means that the total time allocated to that user is less than 100%. When it’s red, it means that this user is assigned to multiple tasks which total more than 100% of his/her time.

Gantt View is a view in which a series of rectangles shows the %Time of the projects. It simply gives a big picture of the project. Gantt view is also used in two views: By Employee and By Project.

by employee gant chart

By Project:

In this field, you can see various projects and their planned hours. Records can be filtered on the basis of Week, Month and Year. You can see the details by click on the plus button.

by project

By Project: Gantt View

The Gantt Chart is the perfect view of a project to better understand the interactions between the tasks. You can avoid overlapping tasks or starting one too early if another one isn’t finished. Odoo Gantt chart is clear and helps you to coordinate tasks efficiently.

On the left side, the first level, you can see the projects. At that time, on the second level, you see which users are assigned. On the third, you see which tasks they’re on.

Forecast Analysis:

It is used for comparison of the allocated time and effective hours. You can analyze the allocated time and effective hours using different measures.

forcast analysis

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