Odoo 12 Product Packaging

The packaging is the activity of designing and producing the container or wrapper for the product. It is an important and effective sales tools for encouraging the customer for buying. It is a powerful medium for sales promotion. Packaging helps in the protection of the contents of the products.

Products can be managed in several packaged forms. For example, if you sell mango you can define these packages over mango-like:

1 Piece: Single mango

1/2 Dozen: Set of 6  Mango

1 Dozen: Set of 12 Mango

Odoo ERPOnline’s package management enables you to sell the same product in several different forms. Odoo Inventory Management module is important for many reasons. Because the Inventory module comes along with sample features like product variants, Reordering Rules, Packages, Reporting, warehouse management, Attribute values, Product packages, etc.

Packaging  Configuration:

For creating product packages, you will have to enable the option of product packages. Once you activate the option, you will be able to manage one or several packages when doing your transfers.

Now go to Inventory > Configuration > Settings and tick the checkbox of product packages under products > Save.

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After enabling the settings, At that time you can start creating product packages in Odoo, for that

Go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Products -> Product Packages -> Create.

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You can set up the product. In order to put the products in the packages, one needs to confirm the type of the product. Now fill the following field such as Package Type, Product, Quantity Per Package and Barcode and click on Save button. 

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Now go to Sales ->Product-> Product Variants. Choose the item which you have created a package. 

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Now click on the Inventory button. At that time you can able to view the packaging information is added automatically with the Product Variants.

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When you set up the product information, now let’s see how the Product Package will function with Sales Order.  once you can create the sale order. 

Go to Sales -> Orders -> Create.

Now you can fill all the details such as Customer, Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Payment Terms, Delivery Method, etc.

At that time click on Add an Item button and add the product name which you have created the package. Then the packaging field will appear.

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Now you can enter the details of following fields like Product, Ordered Quantity, Unit price,  Package type, Delivery Lead Time and click on Save & Close button.

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