Odoo 12 POS Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is a customer’s willingness to buy from or work with a brand again and again, and it’s the result of positive customer experience, customer satisfaction, and the value of the products or services the customer gets from the transaction. Customers typically register their personal information with the company and are given a unique identifier, such as a numerical ID or membership card, and use that identifier when making a purchase. The goal should be to attract the right customers and create profitable long-term relationships with them. In this blog, you are going to discuss you will see “How to handle Loyalty Program in Odoo”. This module allows you to define a loyalty program in the point of sale, where the customers earn loyalty points and get rewards. 

Features of Loyalty program in Odoo 12 POS:

>>Loyalty rule: Loyalty rule can be defined for the POS product 

>>Loyalty Points: It is given to the customer each time he buys something from you which matches a predefined loyalty program category. Points calculation based on 2 ways by Order total or by-product.

>>Loyalty Reward: which is either a discount, gift, and resale that is also a product in your Odoo.

>>Loyalty Program: Now you can define various loyalty program each has some rules to reward your customer based on the product, the product quantity, number of orders, etc.

>>Customer Levels: Now you can define multiple customer levels like Silver, Gold, etc.


First of all, you have to install the POS module in your database. At that time you can configure the loyalty program in the Odoo POS. You can set a minimum purchase amount for the Odoo POS customers to earn loyalty reward points.

Go to POS -> Configuration -> Settings.


Now select a POS in the Odoo POS dashboard and go to its settings.

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Now tick the checkbox of  Loyalty Program at that time the default loyalty program added in the POS.

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After you apply, go to Configuration -> Loyalty Programs and click on Create. At that time the Loyalty Program in Odoo consists of three sections. 

First section: In this type of field you can specify the details of the program. 

Second section: In this type of field, you can add certain rules

 Third section: In this type of field, you can add corresponding rewards. 

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At that time you go to the first section then create a loyalty program then fill the following details like name, points per currency, points per order, points per product, points rounding.

Now set a name and a number of points given by currencyby order or by-product

At that time you go to the second section, To do this click on Add an item under Rules.

4 18>>Name: An internal identification for this loyalty program rule

>>Type: Does this rule affects products or a category of products?

>>Target Product: The product affected by the rule

>>Target Category: The category affected by the rule

>>Cumulative: The points won from this rule will be won in addition to other rules

>>Points per product: How many points the product will earn per product ordered

>>Points per currency: How many points the product will earn per value sold

Rules that are applied only on a specific product or PoS category on points per product sold or points per currency spent basis. The specific rules can be defined as cumulative, which means that they will be aggregated with other matching rules. In the case of non-cumulative rules, only the points from that one matching rule are used. Additionally, fixed points per order can be added which are applied regardless of whether or not cumulative or non-cumulative rules were applied also.

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At that time you go to the third section. Three types of reward can be given: Gift, Discount and Resale.

  • Gift: give a gift for an amount of points

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  • Discount: It specifies the discount percentage.


  • Resale: convert your points into money. Set a product that represents the value of 1 point.

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Now applying your loyalty program to a point of sale

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First of all, you need to set a customer on the order. Now click on Customer button and Loyalty points will display on the screen.

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At the same time, you click on clients, a list of clients with their earned points will be displayed. Then you can select the client Collen Diaz with zero points as per our client.

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It is the first customer and clicks on define the customer button.

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At that time you select the product.

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It is initiated reward only after the second sale. At the same time customer comes to your shop and has enough points to get a reward, the Rewards button is highlighted and gifts can be given.

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At that time the reward is added and of course, points are subtracted from the total.

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