With beautiful Kanban view and improved Odoo Chatterbox what else features or improvement do we see in Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition?


Fit for every screen whether it is for Phone, Tablet, Laptops, Large Screens. And same feature applicable for Community Edition as well.

New iOS Application (for iPhone and iPads)

– Super Fast
– Native Widgets
– Account Manager
– Native Notification
Every application is available from one native application, allowing you to maintain your records, reports, sales, content management, and more. Push notifications keep you informed of every task or action you follow, and the adaptive content delivery system ensures that every screen is optimally viewable from any device size.


Improved Android Application

– Better Menus
– Kanban Column swipe
– Faster Load Time and more…


Simplifies settings across all apps with the Global search

– Clean Options
– Global Search
– Activate, configure and use at the same place.
Now it is easy to navigate from the settings of one module to settings of any other. On opening the settings of any module we can easily navigate to the settings of others.


Out Of The Box VoIP


Marketing Automation

A marketing automation software is used by the marketing department to automate repetitive actions such as email campaigns.
This tool is perfect for cases like:
Abandoned carts revival
Leads Nurturing
Sales Script
Marketing Campaign
Product on-boarding emails

What’s so great about this app?
– Automatic emails and Phones
– Any trigger: Status of the document, emails response, timing condition etc.
– Test mode
– KPI’s and performance analysis.


Website Builder

– Published/Unpublished Pages option is available
– Improved Themes
– Page Builder refactoring
– CSS/ Less editor
– Page Manager
– Customizable URL’s
– Improved media manager
– Dashboard



– Responsive Checkout
– Unified Payment mechanism
– Abandoned Carts Management
– Product Availability
– Product Comparator
– Wishlist
– Coupons & Promotions
– Sells Subscription
– Dashboard


New Accounting Localizations: Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Colombia

On top of some usability improvements implemented to improve the end-user experience (simplifying the UI and smoothing the onboarding), Odoo Accounting has been improved and adapted to the above-mentioned countries with the localization packages.


Odoo Studio: Additional Features and Better UX

Switch between apps: Customize several apps without leaving the Studio app
Edit list and form views for One to Many and Many to Many fields
Customize your app with more related fields.


Odoo Inventory and MRP: Flexibility and Robustness

From a functional point of view, the major improvements include:
– A better user experience thanks to additional features as well as cleaner menus and improved reports.
– Visual indicators, logged notes and warning to help prevent mistakes or oversights.

Odoo Project: Analyze Project and Employees Profitability

Odoo is a great tool for service companies and in Odoo 11 following improvements are made for service companies.
– Project Dashboard
– Efficient billing of Tasks
– Timesheet Reminders
– Better expenses integration
– Improved Forecasts

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