Odoo 11 has been out with loads of new features and more stable version. With the features of New usability, New design, Report templates, Dashboards to the mobile user interface which has been improved. Planet-Odoo provides the various services in respect of Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition.

In the below link, find out the features or improvement do we see in Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition.

Planet-Odoo offers the following services for Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition:

Installation Services
Planet-Odoo offers you to install modules in Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition with the number of active users you want in your company and can also define the access right to the users of the company. Since we have a great experience in Odoo ERP, we assure with the best services and support with respect to the Odoo installation services.

Implementation Services
Odoo 11 Enterprise edition Implementation service include:
-Approaching the problem at hand and execute in a proper manner
-Business analysis
-Project Planning
-Solution design
-Presentation of the system
-Go Live with the system.
We use the above steps in the implementation of Odoo ERP and this approach goes from the need of clients to Odoo ERP solution.

Customization Services
Customization is one of the important and critical technical aspects of Odoo ERP. We understand Odoo ERP inside out and can easily customize it according to the requirement of the organization. Planet-Odoo solves business problems related to Odoo ERP that resolve issues with growth, productivity, security, scalability, and others.
We offer Odoo 11 Enterprise edition customization services where the customization is done according to the business requirement or also new module development in Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition.

Following are the steps that we considered in the process of customization:
-GAP Analysis
-Prioritize Business Needs
-Process Mapping
-Custom development

Third Party integration Services
Odoo 11, 3rd party integration service includes various 3rd party tool to be connected with Odoo ERP. Some of them include Shopify, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, Quickbooks, Magento, eBay, WooCommerce, Amazon and many more.
Planet-Odoo has already worked on many connectors for Odoo(Community and Enterprise Edition) version 8, 9 and 10.

Technical and Functional training
Planet-Odoo provides technical and functional training for Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition, an action or system to configure the desired result without disrupting the workplace to solve issues and productivity quickly. Our expert training team provides the essential training to the workforce to understand the requirement of the users.

Planet-Odoo offers you with several other benefits with reference to Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition. We have experienced team of technical and functional developers who are experts in Odoo ERP.
Planet-Odoo also offers 1 year of free support on customized modules developed by us.

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