Odoo 11 Features (Community Edition)

With beautiful design and Amazing UX Odoo 11 has been launched. And you will find the below improvement in Odoo 11 Community edition which is not available on Odoo 10.

Improved blazing fast i.e. loading speed is 3 times faster than Odoo 10.

Reminders for Scheduled activities.

Beautiful Kanban View:
Smart visual indicators(Feedback and rewards are delivered with a smile)

Odoo 11 Kanban view

Capture 2

Simplifies settings across all apps with the Global search.
– Clean Options
– Global Search
– Activate, configure and use at the same place.

Now it is easy to navigate from the settings of one module to settings of any other. On opening the settings of any module we can easily navigate to the settings of others.
In the below image, the settings of the CRM menu are opened, in the view, we can find the option to select the settings of the other modules also.

Odoo 11 features global search

New website builder and E-commerce
– New themes
– SEO Tools
– Page Manager.

New separate module of CRM
In version 11 the CRM and Sales are having separate menus while in the previous version i.e. Odoo 10, on the installation of the sales modules, CRM is included with it.

Odoo 11 CRM

Keyboards Shortcut
Increased Keyboard Shortcut in Odoo 11
Provides the shortcut for Windows and for Mac Operating system
It enhances your gain in productivity.

Subtask in Project
Subtask in the project was a missing feature in the previous Odoo 10 Community Edition, the features were only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Odoo 11 Sub task in project

But now in Odoo 11 Community Edition, the subtask feature is there. On activating the subtask feature, you can find an option parent task in the task form, this is how we can create a subtask for a task.

Sub task in Odoo 11

Point of Sale
In Odoo 11 Point of Sale(PoS), price list feature is included.

Odoo 11 POS pricelist

Accounting Feature
In Odoo 11 you will not find a separate module for accounting.
Now you will see Accounting in Invoicing module but with the same features of accounts as in Odoo 10.

The user can get the whole accounting features by checking the Show Full Accounting Features option in the Users form-view.

Capture 8

After activating this, you will find all the features of Accounts in Invoice Module.

Odoo 11 Accounting

Accounting Dashboard
A  new set up bar is introduced in the dashboard. Easy to navigate and set up Company Data, Bank Accounts, Fiscal Year, Chart of Account from the accounting dashboard.

Odoo 11 Accounting dashboard

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