Odoo(open source ERP technology) it is fully functional ERP system used to manages all the resources of entire business. Odoo Core is an open source comes under LGPLv3. This is a high-performance system that works really great for different verticals of company. Currently Odoo version 11 is trending which has covered all modules with more advanced features and come up as “all in one” software package.

Features/Application Odoo 10 Community Edition Odoo 11 Community Edition
Sales Module
Sales-CRM Split Sales includes CRM Sales-CRM Split
Product Catalog No Such menu is there New menu to manage your product catalog, pricelist and variants.
Pro-Forma Invoice It does not allow to print Pro-Forma invoice directly. Print Pro-Forma Invoice directly to Sales order
Dashboard Dashboard is present No Dashboard
CRM Module
Kanban View No Visual Indicators Smart Visual indicators
Fun Rewards No such fun rewards is their Rainbow appears to deliver a message about the performance
Next Activities Schedule multiple activities on leads/opportunities; meeting, call, task, etc
Company Auto-Complete Auto-completion of the company contact information: logo, website, name
Purchase Module
No changes is made and it is same as Odoo 10.
Inventory Module
Usability Improvements Cleaned menus, improved reports (inventory analysis, traceability report, costing report, and others).
  • Other improvements in Odoo 11: Inventory Module
  • 1. Complete Refactoring
  • Extensive refactoring in order to boost performance and improve flexibility and robustness.
  • 2. More Robust
  • Better warnings to prevent mistakes, visual indicators to notify you of potential errors, and logged notes in the chatter for better history tracking.
Manufacturing Module
No changes
Point of Sale Module
Multi-Pricelist Not included Manage different prices for different customer types
Accounting Module
Accounting Separate module for accounting No separate module for accounting
Accounting Features In Accounting Module In Invoice Module
Cash Rounding
Analytic accounting analysis
Accounting Dashboard No such bar is there New set up bar is introduced
Project Module
Task Merge Task cannot be merge Ability to merge duplicate tasks
  • Other improvements in Odoo 11: Project Module
  • 1. Project Dashboard
  • Resource utilization, forecasts, billing rates, timesheet analysis, profitability, etc.
  • 2. Sales & Invoicing
  • Create projects and or tasks on the validation of sales orders.
  • 3. Bill Tasks
  • Ability to assign a task to a sale order line at any time to bill according to the invoice policy.
  • 4. Billing Rates
  • A detailed analysis the cost and revenues of fixed and billable products. See in a glance what are the non-billable tasks.
Timesheet Module
Time Billing
  • Other improvements in Odoo 11: Timesheet Module
  • 1. Leaves Management
  • Leaves can be automatically recorded within timesheet for better control of the time spent.
  • 2. Forecast
  • Compare your forecast and timesheets on a single screen, for one project or across the whole company.
  • 3. Reminders
  • Automated emails to remind users to fill their timesheet, with controls automatically synched with the schedule of every employee/team on the project.
  • 4. Usability
  • Easier recording on timesheets, a review menu for managers, plus employees can record timesheets for people that are not users of the system.
  • 5. Company Schedule
  • Global company working schedule and holidays are taken into account for timesheets, leaves, Helpdesk SLAs, and other resource schedules.
Payroll Module
No changes
Website Module
Payment acquirer: Payumoney
Payment acquirer: Stripe
  • Other improvements in Odoo 11: Website Module
  • 1. Theme Selector
  • Improved theme selector with easy preview of available themes without changing your current theme.
  • 2. Less/CSS editor
  • Customize the style of your website with the new Less/CSS editor.
  • 3. Page Builder
  • All official themes improved for better usability. The page builder engine has been redeveloped from scratch for an upgraded user experience.
  • 4. Customer Portal
  • Choose between a B2C (free signup) and B2B mode (on invitation) for yours customers to see their documents (sales orders, invoices, etc.).

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