Membership Management in Odoo 13

In Odoo Membership Management you can automate routine tasks. Membership management software is used to manage their membership programs more efficiently and effectively, from building comprehensive member profiles to automating renewal reminders and other communications.

 In Odoo Membership Management you can manage multiple membership subscription terms like monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc and even auto-renew subscriptions. It automates applications, payments, and renewals, allow member functions on your website, and automate member communication.

In the Odoo Members module, you can see various crucial points and support various kinds of members like free member, associated member, paid member, or a special member. In this type of module, you can set membership packages for individuals, groups, and separately manage fees and renewals for each type of membership.

In Odoo Members module is used: To Create Membership Product,  To Create Members,  To Create Free Membership,  To Create Buy Membership,  To Create Invoice,  To Create Register Payment, etc.


First of all, you can install the  Odoo Member module in your database.


To Create Membership Product:

Now you can create the membership product by click on the Configuration button.

Go to Members module -> Configuration -> and click on the create button. 

At that time you can click on the create button to create a membership product. Now you can fill the following required fields like Name, Internal reference, Product Category, Company, Active, Membership Duration, Membership Fee, Income Account, Taxes, Description, Sales Description, etc.


To Create Members

Now you can create new members through click on the create button. You can fill the following basic fields and contact information of the member. Firstly you can select the type of member checkbox: Individual or Company 


To Create Free Membership

In the member form, you can select the membership option and click on the checkbox of free member then the current membership status gets changed to “Free Member”.


To Create Buy Membership

Whenever you want to need any of the membership products, you need to click on the button “Buy Membership”. You did not need to tick the checkbox of free membership.

Now your current membership status gets changed to “Non-Member”.


To create Invoice Membership:

You have need to create Invoice after choose the membership product 

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Now you can click on the Validate button to make the invoice to complete validation. Then you can check the Invoice lines to click on the Invoice line button.


At the same time, Invoice Validation is completed, then you can go to the payment of membership by clicking on the Register Payment button.  After you can fill the following required fields then click on the Validate button.


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