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Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial Management, and Human Resources. A complete ERP system made up of different modules and integrates all the portions of the business. All business departments and their functionality can be integrated via Odoo ERP. Once you implement the Odoo ERP which helps you to analyze all the activities in day to day basis and also which helps us to monitor all activities. The role of the ERP manufacturing module is to complete the inventory management by implementing the operations specific to a streamlined manufacturing process.

Odoo an Open source ERP solution helps you to implement and customize Manufacturing ERP software for your business. Manufacturing module in Odoo manage all manufacturing related activities.  Odoo module consists of all the elements that a manufacturing business require to track some of them are Accounts payable, Accounts receivable General Ledger, Human resource, Purchase management, sales, shipping, Production, quality management, suppliers / vendor/ customer management, Assets management and so onFor any product to get manufactured we can attach bills of material which consists of complete details of the required to manufacture the product. Manufacturing ERP software allows you with complete integration of your Manufacturing process including Planning, Scheduling, Process Management, Procurement of Materials, management of your BOM’s as well as other areas of your business.

Manufacturing in Odoo is more helpful for the production of a manufactured product or the product is built by some other products with different quantities. The cosmetic products are a good example, in that production use some raw material. Odoo Manufacturing helps manufacturers especially those that operate within a different mode environment—design, manufacture, and distribute products in a timely fashion; use appropriate processes that optimize resources; material, machinery, tools, etc and satisfy the expectations about quality and delivery.

Features of Odoo Manufacturing Management:

  • Gives a real-time view that helps manufacturers to make correct decisions by using the data and capitalize on opportunities.
  • It helps in categorized the data which enable effective management of the product.
  • It enables to set product variants and By-products in the bills of material.
  • Manage production by work order or either by manufacturing order.
  • Master Production Schedule(MPS) is available which enables to schedule the production of stock.
  • Bird’s eye view through MPS and forecasting to effectively manage and utilize the capacity and projections
  • Production Planning based on MPS throughout the flow which will cut down the decision making on the floor.
  • Advanced shop floor control with the use of scanning through traveler, labels and efficiency matrix
  • Preventive and Corrective maintenance management.
  • Manage quality control points, checks, measures.
  • Provide improve and standardize reporting.

Odoo Manufacturing Enterprise Edition:

Basically, Enterprise & Community versions are not too different from each other expect the specifications available in them. In simple words, Odoo Enterprise is a licensed version and Odoo Community is an open-source version. In the Manufacturing module, the Enterprise version has advantages in offering more features than the Community version. The features of Work center control panel and scheduling, Product Lifecycle Management, Quality Control Management, Shipping, Maintenance, and Material Resource Planning are available in the Enterprise version.

Master Production Schedule:

MPS or Master Production Schedule is automate the scheduling process with the help of existing Minimum Stock Rules and Make-to-Order. The Master Production Schedule is also managed the Manufacturing Order to automate scheduling, along with existing Minimum Stock Rules and Make-to-Order newly added MPS (Master Production Schedule) will trigger manufacturing order (it could also be used for Purchase as well) based on customer demand. Master Production Schedule module is designed to help the manufacturer order.

 In Odoo manufacturing process is managed in the Manufacturing module, so first of all, we have to install that module in our DB, after installing another routing option (manufacture) is added in the product form.

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You can plan manufacturing or purchase orders based on forecasts with the time rage of monthly, Weekly or Daily as we demand.

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 Looking at Demand Forecast one will come to know how much production is needed (Go to Manufacturing and under Reporting, you will find MPS).

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Under Master Production Scheduling one can schedule the production over the periods such as months, weeks or days depending on the business. 
Secondly, Odoo comes with planning by production and planning by work centers which helps in planning the finest manufacturing schedules for the most efficient production. 
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Now tick the checkbox work order and quality, we have enabled various feature Planning, Master data, Reporting. 

Planning by Work centers:

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Planning by Production:

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So we see that it is very easy to Manage Planning with MPS. Planning by Work and Planning by Production provide a Gannt view chart, which helps in understanding the plans and schedules. 

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM):

Odoo Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) is used to maintain BoM revisions and track product lifecycle based on Engineering Change orders. Odoo PLM  is Manage the engineering changes efficiently is all about communication.  PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) helps to create ECO (Engineering Change Orders) to make BoM revisions, make  MO route revision, Update work operation,  generate alerts for changes in BoM’s as well as Routes in MO. Odoo PLM harnesses the power of an enterprise social network to help you communicate more efficiently across multiple departments.
Below we have attached the snapshots of the PLM features that we just listed:
Creating an Engineering Change Order:
Let us have a look at how an ECO is created. Under the field, one can see the stages in which the ECO passes. 
Short summary: Under the option, one can give a short summary of the ECO.
TypeHere one can choose the ECO type.
Apply on: Utilizing the option, one can decide where the order has to be applied. Apply on BoM or routing or both for a product or for one product only.
Effectivity: Date on which the changes should be applied.
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Barcodes and work centers:

The Barcode Scanning is provided the facility of tracing the product with respect to the serial/lot number. The Barcode Scanning print the barcode two types:  barcode command for inventory and command for manufacturing. Odoo Enterprise edition supports Barcode Scanning feature to the support of the management of work order. The extended barcode support thus helps in tracing the efficiency of the work order and also timely identifying loss in productivity.
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Quality Check Points, Checks and Measures:

Odoo Enterprise edition supports Quality Control feature. so first of all, we have to install that Quality module in our DB, after installing module we can check the quality of the product.
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Odoo defines Quality Control is three types- Control Points, Quality Checks and Quality Alerts. Quality checks and alerts are fully integrated with your manufacturing and inventory operations.
Control Point: Quality Control point defines quality control plans to trigger quality checks at specific inventory operations or manufacturing operations. 
Quality Alerts:

Quality alerts in Odoo’s clean kanban interface. Drag and drop alert to report progress and use visual indicators to focus on critical alerts. Use tags to categorize quality alerts and create rules to automate alerts or actions. Categorize by addressee by the requestor.

Quality Checks: Quality checks in Odoo facilitates for easy checking and statistical process control. This feature enables an entire quality check process for a warehouse.

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Quality alert on Work orders

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Preventive and Corrective maintenance management:

Odoo computes standard statistics to help you plan preventive maintenance, including mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and expected next failure date and lets you automate metrology and preventive maintenance scheduling. In Odoo Corrective maintenance is carried out after detection of failures. The corrective maintenance missionizes to restore the asset or equipment which performs the same intended job function.


Manufacturing Reports is an MRP software which helps to generate an advanced report for MRP module(Material requirements planning). Odoo Enterprising edition supports reporting feature in Manufacture module. Odoo comes with great reporting and performance indicators. Every important and necessary data are left under fingertips for quick and easy access. Odoo Manufacturing module comes with an Overall Equipment Efficiency reporting system that helps the end user to control their productivity in the most effective and efficient manner. It also comes with Track maintenance KPIs like MTTR and MTBF. Odoo also comes with lively dashboards for easy monitoring of performances that too in real time.
With Odoo’s dynamic reports on costing, traceability, performance analysis. In the Odoo Manufacturing module is reporting can view different ways- Bar chart, Line chart, Pie chart.
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If you are looking for Odoo implementation for your manufacturing business  contact us here   Feel free to connect with us on info@planet-odoo.com

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