Leave Management refers to manage leaves of employees or employers in the company. Leave Management in Odoo ERP facilitates various features for maintaining leave in the company and also tracks records related to the type of leave allocation.
Any company generally consists of Sick Leaves, Legal Leaves, Compulsory Days, Unpaid, Public Holidays, these are to be maintained by HR department. Leaves are allocated to every employee according to profile and these leave records are reviewed during the salary calculation. Leave Management ensures uniform implementation of leave policy of the company and reduces manual HR Monitoring.

1. Install Leave Management module and also Employee Directory for getting full features for Leave associated with particular Employee.

Odoo leave management

Odoo leave management 1

2. Here are the leaves that can be allocated to any employee which can be configured and Edited as per Company Rules.
CEO of the company provide leaves to HR Manager and that HR allocate leaves to all the employees’ leaves be like Legal leaves, Sick leaves, Compensatory leaves, Unpaid leaves and Public holidays.

3.  Configure the leaves

Odoo leave management 2

4. Leave Allocation
Going to Leave Allocation Admin can allocate and approve the leaves of each and every employee according to the designation or employee tags.

Odoo leave management 3

For Allocation Request
It can be verified for status going to Leaves > My Leaves > Allocation Request

Odoo leave management 4

5.  This change after Approval reflects in Employee > Chris (Select Employee)
After Approval Remaining leaves of an employee can be directly viewed going to the particular employee.

odoo leave management 6

6. Can manage and follow leaves in Calendar, the leave request tool and leave request submenu. Can use Filters, Group By and favorite to view leave type like Department wise, Team leaves, Allocated leaves etc.

Odoo leave management 7

7.  Can create Leave Request directly from Calendar. For this select Leaves > Leave Request > Date of leave.

Odoo leave management 8

8.  When we select the date from Calendar we are redirected to Leave Request page. Can request leave here and if the leave days extend than the allocated days it may generate a Warning for the number of remaining leaves is not sufficient for this leave type.

Odoo leave management 9

9. Check the days for leave and can send the request for approval. After leave request, this can be viewed in Calendar Form.

Odoo Leave Management 10
The circle shows the Leave Requests for approval i.e., Number of days “Leave Request” is shown by the yellow line from the “Start Date to End Date”. Now, this is passed for approval by the Manager or the Senior.

After Approval can view for the Leave Details for the particular employee.
Calendar View

Odoo leave management 11
Form View

Odoo Leave management 12

10. Select the button which changes to GREEN if want to Report the leaves in last month payslip.

Odoo Leave Management 13

11. Remaining leaves from leaves taken can view in Employees.

Odoo Leave Management 14
This is how an Organisation can maintain leave of Employees by keeping the track record of leaves taken and what kind of leave taken. Reports can also be generated using Odoo Leave Management. Through Odoo ERP it becomes easy for an organization to maintain leave record and by less manual effort.

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  1. Peter Paul

    Thank you for the fantastic blog. Leave Management System helps the organization to Manages the system of leaves and makes it easy to reference later by managers.

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