What is Time Off : A period of time when you do not work because of illness or holidays, or because your employer has given you permission to do something else.

Odoo Time Off Module : In every organization, one of the most crucial jobs is leave management. A leave management system, also known as time-off management. Each employee in your firm can use the Odoo Time Off module to seek leave, which is then granted by the manager or the appropriate authority. Odoo leave module gives the versatility to determine leaves based on the hours worked on the day such as Half Paid day or half-day leave without pay.  All leave types are handled by leave rules & HR policy according to the respective organization.

To control the leave management without a leave management system is a very tough task for the organization. So Odoo introduced its own Time Off Module to handle leave management. Each employee can create a request for leaves that are further approved by the manager or other concerned person. Also, here the manager can create leaves for employees according to his requests.

Benefits of Time Off Module : Every module has its own benefits. So the time off module has some benefits also. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • All in One Dashboard : You can get everything on the dashboard with a single click.
  • Better employee engagement and satisfaction : With this employee and manager has a better engagement.
  • Offers Real time visibility of data : With this benefit employees can get real time benefits.
  • Improves Communication : Through this communication improves between employees and managers.
  • Better Integration of Policies : You can get the benefit of better integration policies in leave management.
  • Providing employees with the ability to plan their lives in advance : With this employee can plan their leave in advance. Suppose he/she wants to leave for this he/she already checked how many leaves they still have and how many leaves he/she can get at a time. So they can plan their leave accordingly.
  • Removes manual interventions : This removes manual interference between employee and manager. You can apply your leave through this module and the manager directly approves or rejects your leave from here without any mediator.
  • Eliminates paperwork : This is completely digital. So an employee has no need to write any application for this.
  • Awareness about the leave policy : Employees have direct awareness about the leave policy. 
  • Integration with Payroll Module : This module is completely integrated with the payroll Module.
  • Proper leave and holiday planning : Through this employee can easily plan their leave and holiday planning.

Features of Time Off Module

  • Customize Leave Types : You can create a new leave type for unusual situations according to the leave management policy.
  • Customize Time Off duration : The employee can customize his/her time off duration. This module allows choosing dates or duration for leave such as full-day, half-day, or even hours that can be chosen if the employee needs a few hours only.
  • Add Comment : Hr manager can Insert a note for leave approval or refusal to the employees. 
  • Monitor Employee Leaves : The managers can easily get an overview of all the leaves taken by each of the employees separately by accessing the Time Off menu available.
  • Reporting : Every employee has their own dashboard to see accounts, managers for their teams, and administrators for the whole company.
  • Manage Each Level : This Module allows managers to handle requests for their own team and review each request yourself.

In this blog I will provide you insight of the Time Off Module in Odoo V15.

To use this module, this module should be installed in your Odoo database. If this is not installed then go to the Odoo App store and install it from there. Right now this module is installed for me. So I will just click on this module icon and go to its dashboard. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Odoo provides two different views of the Time Off calendar and Gantt chart. Above screenshot is the calendar view. From the dashboard, employees may manage their personal leave requests and many more features. You can also display the previous and future months in the window, in addition to the current month. In addition, you can also view the Day, Week, Month, and Year with a single click in the window.

On the dashboard you can see the various tabs such as My Time Off, Overview, Approvals, Reporting and Configuration.

My Time Off : When you click on this tab you will see a drop down menu on this menu you can see two options such as My Time Off and My Allocation.

Allocation Request : You can see the Allocation Request on the dashboard. When you click on the “Allocation Request Button” a new window will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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On the above screenshot you can give the title for the new allocation. You have to select time off types from the options that suit you. Mention the duration in days and add a reason for the off. And after this save this. This is the first method of the allocation request. 

The second option is to go to the My Time Off tab and select My Allocations from the drop down list. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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After clicking on the My Allocation a new window will appear which consists of all the allocation requests. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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From the above image you can see the My Allocations details such as Time Off Type, Description, Duration, Allocation Type and Status. You can click on the create button for the new allocation request and the same window appear which appear in the first option.

New Time Off : On the dashboard you can see the “New Time Off button” For reference you can see the screenshot below.

SkAg aECwdTz6aYMQx6tYmOrE8X3bnktzcxo9 wTowN7QrtBnsI V oZEKw8nHJLQzdfXqGHRx Q650L3F O 7iSeLf UVtavo6VEEYb0 yaaO39ii hoBHjbGTiJ0BvPB3vB6vK

When you click on this button a new window will pop up and you have to fill in all the details in all the fields.

In the above screenshot you can see various fields such as Time off type, date from to, duration and description. When you fill in all the fields click on the Save button. This is the first method for new time off.

For the second method go to the time My Time Off tab. When you click on this tab you can see the drop down menu and select My Time off from the menu. 

LQCy5yNZx5CUEKdcaiDGfNoTzhJp6 afm1G1MUnf25 BONsi6SVJ9Eqe9TD5YOhaeXYOs2lT2vWs0kD1Ph2XULuZeQrUES4L1w tDhuSS2Ss yuYXQLCW2VD4XQrJu8fUcvMlaRn

After clicking on the My Allocation a new window will appear which consists of all the allocation requests. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

From the above image you can see the My Time Off details such as Time Off Type, Description, Start Date, End Date, Duration and Status. You can click on the create button for the new time off and the same window appears which appears in the first option.

Overview : When you click on this tab you can see the gantt chart of the time off module.

Above screenshot is the Gantt view of the Time off Module.

DyXZTDW NjGbBo5pbfZD8LcrSboTIhsGSW03ew2W5BmiZDSQOWhhFca sNZ7U88lQGC2sKAqznqCNqkM3rdQmJeqORefcZgasxT59TC7Ol9YHohTtwbsgPDHkKPUHYgr 2XlW 3U

Above screenshot is the list view of the time off module dashboard.

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Above screenshot is the Calendar view of the Time off Module.

Approvals : When you click on this tab you will see the drop down menu with two options such as Time Off and Allocations. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Reporting : In this Tab you can see two options such as By Employee and By Type.

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Configuration : In this tab you can see three options like Time Off Types, Accrual Plans, and Public Holidays.

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This is the insight of the dashboard, features and benefits of the Odoo V15 Time Off Module . I hope you like this blog and if you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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