Odoo HR Module  includes a generic payroll engine that handles everything like:
Employee Details
Employee Contracts
Passport based Contract
Allow configuring Basic/Gross/Net Salary
Employee Payslip
Monthly Payroll Register
Integrated with Holiday Management

You can easily manage your company payroll by using this HR Module in Odoo ERP.

1. Searches for eligible applicants from inside the company and employees based on job requirements.

Capture 1

2. Offers and new hires processing.

Capture 2

3. Searches employee records for information on experience and skills.

Capture 3

Capture 4

4. Manage and update education history
Here we can add education details, previous job details, Family details and the Medical checklist of an employee

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Capture 6

Capture 7

Capture 8

5. Standard work hours.

Capture 9

6. Name and employee identification number.

Capture 10

7. Address including city, region, and postal or zip code, account bank number, telephone number.

Capture 11

8. Deduction codes (taxes, insurance, pension, federal/provincial, and unemployment).

Capture 12

9. Date of birth, hire, review, last raise, last promotion, last class change, and last paycheck, termination.

Capture 13

10. Earning types include weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and special(executive) pay cycle.

Capture 14

11. Deductions based on hours or shifts worked, unpaid leaves.

Capture 15

12. Resignation Details.

Capture 16

Capture 17

13. Update all Employees Official documents.

Capture 18

14. Stores data about employee performance.
(Here we can store employee performance data and can give a remark also)

Capture 19

15. Second Bank Details
Second bank details as the employee might be a foreigner.

Capture 20

16. Health Insurance Details and dependents.

Capture 21

17. Describes position or job title.

Capture 22

18. Employee insurance premium withholding by quarter-to-date, year-to-date, and user-defined periods.

Capture 23

For User-Defined Period, we can choose type as other and define your premium type.

Capture 24

19. Flag spousal distribution of retirement pension plan, for example, in case of employee death.

Capture 25

Capture 26

20. Supports multiple work hours standards.

Capture 27

21. Pay type (hourly/salary) and Earning types include salaried and salaried/exempt.

Capture 28

22. Generates reports on employee sick time and lost time injuries and illnesses.

Capture 29

23. Social insurance/security number (identification).

Capture 30

24. Indicates position by the organization, location, job code, title, shift, and work days.

Capture 31

25. Exempt/non-exempt.

Capture 32

26. Calculates and subtracts fixed deductions.

Capture 33

27. Resource management.

Capture 35

Capture 36

Capture 37

Capture 38

Capture 39

Capture 40

Capture 123

Capture 42

28. Deductions based on hours or shifts worked.

Capture 43

29. Monthly severance payments to separated employees with deductions.

Capture 44

Capture 45

30. Calculates other forms of compensation.

Capture 46

Capture 47

Capture 48

Capture 49

31. GOSI deductions for Saudi Client.

Capture 50

Capture 51

Capture 52

32. Gosi Deduction for Non-Saudi.

Capture 53

Capture 54

Capture 55

33. GCC calculation

Capture 56

Capture 57

Capture 58

Capture 59

Capture 60

34. For automatically selecting salary structure for employee depending on the Country(if provided).

Capture 61

Capture 62

Capture 63

Capture 64

Capture 65

35. Accrual Leave

Capture 66

Capture 67

36. The salary range for employee contract
Here, we need to specify the Maximum and minimum salary

Capture 68

The wage of the employee must be in the range of maximum and minimum salary in an employee contract.

Capture 69

If the wage is less than the minimum, the error message will be shown on confirming payslip of the employee.

Capture 70

If the wage is greater than the maximum, error message will be shown on confirming payslip of the employee.

Capture 71

37. Organizational structures may be defined using a matrix or a hierarchy.

Capture 72

Capture 73

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