ERP : ERP HR module refers to the system and processes at the intersection between Human Resource Management and Information technology. These ERP systems have their origin in software that integrates information from different applications into one universal database. This module allows the Human Resources Department employees to maintain information on employees. It also allows managers to manage information on their employees same as allows employees to keep some of their own information up-to-date. 

HR System module includes.

  1. HR Database
  2. Recruitment
  3. Payroll
  4. Time and Attendance
  5. Performance
  6. Absence and leave management
  7. Learning and Development
  8. Talent Management
  9. Benefits administration
  1. HR Database : This contains the basic information about employees such as name, address, telephone number, and job role, right up to a complete work record, including performance management assessments and training undertaken.

Let’s discuss each and every point in detail.

  1. Recruitment : The recruiting technology helps the recruiters manage the many applicants to find the best qualified candidates and to arrange and manage interviews for the candidate to get feedback from those employees who participate in the interviewing process. 
  1. Payroll : This is about whether employees can be paid correctly on the basis of the current hourly or annual salary of the employees.
  1. Time and Attendance : Through this you can track your employees’ time, attendance, paid time-off and much more from where you are. Such systems often incorporate biometric identification to avoid ‘buddy punching’ and will link directly to the workforce management module, with information links to your payroll and accounting software. The most common time and attendance module features include likewise :- Employment attendance tracking, time clock management, biometric systems, Functionality for remote and mobile workers, minimum mandatory rest breaks.
  1. Performance : This contains workforce planning to retain talent. Design and implementation of performance reviews within the company.
  1. Absence and Leave management : absence and leave management module features include are :-
  1. Self-service leave requests.
  2. Integration with workforce management and time and attendance functions.
  3. Account management, tracking accrued vacation time and usage.
  4. Metrics and analytics, including absence levels and trends.

7. Learning and Development : Training classes are sometimes part of the HR module allowing employees to take classes to further develop their skills and also allows them to learn new skills.  Employees that are given the capability to learn new skills are more valuable to their employer. 

8. Talent Management : Background Screening and Pre-Employment Services assist with; sourcing, attracting, developing and employee retention lifecycle. Position your company for growth through strategic hiring practices.

 9. Benefits Administration : One of the most important and biggest areas is the Benefits administration area in the HR module. The benefits information is used to track the benefits that an employee has elected for the current year and did have previously.  This information is often fed to third party vendors such as insurance carriers and benefit providers. This area is critical to its accuracy level as so many people depend on this information to be up-to-date. 

Now the question arises why choose Odoo for Human Resource Management : The main benefits of Odoo ERP development for human resource management is the open-source model. That means developers can leverage the Odoo HRM source code and customize it as per the organization needs. As a result, it accelerates the development process and significantly reduces the overall project costs.

Odoo HR Management has the concept of build to provide you the maximum flexibility to manage your company. In an organization, the HRM is starting with the recruitment of an employee. You can easily manage your hiring process and organise your vacancies job applications in odoo with the help recruitment module. By customizing your recruitment process you can create your own hiring strategies, and define stages and interviewers. Through this customization things get easier for you and flexible too.

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