How to Use Kiosk Mode Attendance In Odoo 13

In Odoo 13 attendance kiosk mode allows members to simply record attendance by searching for their name or using the scanner input. Odoo 13 kiosk attendance mode gives the facility for an employee to mark his attendance applying their badges, pin, etc.  The Odoo ERP Attendance management system can be integrated with any attendance device database and can effectively manage all types of attendance systems like fingerprint biometric device, face reading, swipe cards, RFID or web punch. 

In Odoo ERP Employee attendance manages the employee attendance functionality, Login has all the features of login, and holiday module manage all the functionality of holiday. In Odoo 13 Kiosk mode whenever they have been booked into an event on the day, they will be presented with an option to check in to the relevant event.


Now Lets’ see how to use the kiosk mode attendance in Odoo 13

First of all, you can install the Attendance module in your database.

Whenever they have been booked into an event on the day, they will be presented with an option to check in to the relevant event.

At the manager section and select the kiosk mode in the attendance module.

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At that time you will choose an option to scan employee badge or selecting the identify manually

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Now click on the identify employee manually button, at  that time the list of employee form will be displayed on the screen.

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Now you can choose an employee manually or simply scan your badge and at that time click on the check in button

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Now again same procedure is applied for check out.



Now you can produce the attendance entry applying the employee badges. Such you have to use an equipment scanner to fetch the unique id and it can be set on employee form under HR Settings.

Now go to the selecting employee menu and set the badge id in the HR Settings.

Go to Selecting Employee-> HR Setting and click on the badge id  then click on Save button.


In the HR Setting tab now you can add a badge id and click on the Save button. After save the badge id at that time click on the print badge button.


Now you can select the print badge. At that time you will receive the employee badge for scanning.


Now you can tick the checkbox of Employee PIN option to assign the pin of individual employee.

Go to Attendance -> Configuration -> Setting -> Employee PIN and click on the Save button. 


Now click on the selecting employee and go to the HR settings. At that time you can enter the pin codes for the employee and click on the Save button.


At that time the employee have its own PIN to check in and check out time detail.


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