How To Use Equipment Management in Odoo 13

In Odoo 13 Equipment module is used to track the equipment enclosed to an employee in an organization and to check their maintenance of the equipment. You can easily handle and do the maintenance of equipment in Odoo 13. In the equipment module, you can define various fields like maintenance teams, equipment, equipment categories, and also the maintenance stages.

Now  Lets’ see how to manage equipment management in Odoo 13

First of all, now you can install the maintenance module in your database. 

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Go to  Maintenance -> Configurations -> Maintenance team, now you can show new teams, Equipment’s Categories and also maintenance stages.

A maintenance dashboard is used to display details of the maintenance team. Now you can know about the status of each team.

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Go to the Equipment tab now you can create new equipment needed for the department or Employee.

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You can fill the following fields about equipment like equipment name, equipment category, company, used by, employee, maintenance team, technician, assigned date, product information, maintenance details, and descriptions, etc.

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To create maintenance Requests:

After creating the list of equipment, now you can create a Maintenance request for the equipment.

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Now you can view the maintenance request in Kanban view and also ca be changed to the next stage like progress, repaired, scrap.

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Now you can configure the maintenance team. equipment categories, and maintenance stages.

Go to Equipment  -> Configuration and click on Create button.

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To create equipment categories:

Now you can create new categories of equipment.  At that time you can fill the following field like category name, responsible, company, etc.

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To create maintenance stages:

At that time your maintenance request is gone through various stages like new request, In Progress, Repaired, Scrap. Now you can add or remove stages.

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