How to Synchronize Odoo With Google Calendar

Odoo is completely integrated with Google Calendar so that you can see & manage your meetings from both platforms like Odoo and Google. Google Calendar is used for a time-management and scheduled calendar service. Google Calendar concede users to create and edit events. Reminders can be enabled for events, with options available for type and time. 

Now you want to synchronize Google Calendar With Odoo. For that first, install the Google Calendar app from Apps:

Now go to ​Apps​ ­and search for the google_calendar module. At that time you will view Google Calendar​ Module and install in your database.


At that time you go to Settings ->General Settings ->Integrations and check the google calendar is installed or not your database.


At that time you enter the Client id and Client secret. For this login with client id and secret then go to Google API Platform. Now connect to your Google account through

In Google API Manager click on Calendar API.

At that time you can select and enable the Google Calendar API:


At that time you can  generate Google Calendar API credentials via clicking on the create credentials button

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Now you can select the Web browser (Javascript) as a type of calling source and User data as a type of kind of data.


In the menu on the left click on ​Credentials to Create OAuth Client ID.
In Authorized redirect URL enter domain plus the OAuth Path.


From there on, you will get a client id and secret:


Hereafter saving the settings now you can go to Calendar module and click the button Sync With Google. 


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