How to Set up Odoo Cash Control in Point of Sale

Odoo POS can also be used on standard PCs and tablets as well as industrial touch-screen terminals. Odoo Point of Sale is fully integrated with the Inventory and the Accounting apps. 

POS supports both online and offline operations. Cash control is a way to monitor credit, collection, cash allocation, and disbursement policies, as well as invoicing functions. Cash is the most important liquid asset of the business. In Odoo POS support Cash Control option. Cash control permits you to check the amount of the cashbox at the opening and closing. In this Blog, you are going to discuss “How to set up cash control in Odoo POS”.

Now Lets’ see how to activate cash control in Odoo

Now you want to activate the Cash Control option:
Go to Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale and select your point of sale to(POS) interface.
Under the payment category, you will search the cash control option and set the opening and closing values.

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This option can also be enabled from the dashboard itself. In the point of sale dashboard, click on the ‘More’ button at the top right corner and then click ‘Settings’. Now you will be redirected to the settings page where you can set the cash control option.

On the Point of Sale dashboard, click on More ‣ Settings.

At the same time, you can activate the Cash Control feature in your POS. Now you can fill the value of Coin/Bill value and the amount present in the cashbox and tick the checkbox. At that time you can add the item for coin value and number of coins.  

Opening an closing create

Now you can set the opening balance before opening a session.


The opening balance will be updated automatically it depends only you can add the coins or bills.
POS transactions and Cashbox updates. 

In the ‘Open Session’ button now you can open the point of sale session. At that time you can add the products to the order via just clicking the products. Now you can update the price, quantity, and discounts using the buttons on the number-pad, and at that time you can update the price, quantity, and discounts.

Such the customer need to pay $ 105 and he/she pays, $ 115, just click the validate button.  At that time you can see the change and these changes will be recorded automatically.
Now you can see the summary of transactions.
Whenever you want to take money from the cash box now you can click on the take money out button. 
At the same time, you on this take money out button will open a new wizard where you can fill various information like reason and the amount you to take. After taking the money out, you can view that the balance is updated automatically. 
Take out
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