Odoo: Odoo is a Business Management Software which includes CRM, Billing, Manufacturing, Accounting, Warehouse, Project Management, Inventory Management, and E-Commerce. Odoo – open source ERP is the leading open-source solution and it was released under the AGPL license.

Odoo Sales Module: The Odoo Sales Management module is one of the most important and star applications that Odoo provides. This is the most advanced sales management system in the world. Odoo sales module is unique with its advanced features and tools. With the highly integrated nature of the Odoo system, you can avail all of the system functionalities and tools of the Odoo system. Through this module, you can control your entire Sales department on a single screen. Firstly, you can customize it according to your project requirements. It also allows you to filter Sales Orders for different criteria due to being interlinked with your emails.

Odoo Sales is the application to run your sales process (from quotation to a sales order) and deliver and invoice what has been sold.

In this blog, we will explain to you the functionality of how to send quotations through the Sales Module.

  1. How to use quotation templates.
  2. How to add optional products.
  3. How to get a signature to confirm an order.
  4. How to get paid to confirm an order.

How to use quotation templates: Sales objectives are managed in the Odoo Sales module from quotations to product delivery and invoicing. The process starts straight with the creation of sales quotations. There are two ways of creating a Sales quotation, one from the quotation menu in the sales module, another from the won opportunities. The customer details and the product details are a must for creating quotations. 

By creating custom quotation templates, you can save a lot of your time. In fact, with the use of templates, you can send complete quotations at a fast pace.

To enable this feature, you have to go to the Sales module > configuration > settings > and active quotation templates.rYRivauz 5iXb9HXggCuDEh7 eq3xGtRxcCcWGPFUWOGYtcCHF HwDWTZJdq n OAYEKDjkKmpqBCG9 ews6Pnm2yRaimKPbr2 NXWe0hc0r dh50FemdadX clMV4piqPJAy17z

For more convenience, this is also suggested to add the Quotation Builder feature which will help you to design your quotation templates easily. This option will spontaneously install the Odoo Website App.5B9LeP9cUkEaIm1y06eJyP9cJfIb cJeDIAZpONHGzMx

Create your Template: You can find Quotation templates under Sales > Configuration. 

You can create a new template or edit an existing one. Once named, you will be able to select products and quantities as well as the expiration time of the quotation.

In this new Quotation, the following fields need to be filled in:

  1. Customer : The name of the person who is ordering the products. The Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Payment Terms, and Delivery Method is dependent on the information provided for the person. The data will automatically be popup from the database, but it can be manually edited if needed.
  2. Invoice : The invoice address is the address where the Invoice for the order will be billed to.
  3. Delivery Address : This is the address of the product where it will be delivered.
  4. Quotation Template : A prebuilt Quotation that will automatically add the specific products and optional products to the Quotation.
  5. Expiration : The date of the quotation expires as per the terms and pricing.
  6. Price list : This is a custom price list assigned to this customer.
  1. Payment Terms : The conditions and timelines that affect when payment should be completed for that particular order.

Design your Template: Every quotation must be verified by the customer, vendor, or a higher-ranking company official; the quotation confirmation option is described in the menu. Options like online signature and online payment can be enabled or disabled from this page. Additionally, the confirmation email addresses on the confirmed quotation can be assigned. 

If you decide to create your own Odoo Quotation Template, Click on ‘Design Template’. This step will automatically redirect you to your website page, where we can edit the website page and use it as a quotation design. 

You can design your own template and edit the customer interface in order to manage what clients will see before accepting and paying the quotation. For example, you will be able to describe your company, your services and your products. To do so, you can click on edit and you will be brought to the quotation builder.Ju20n2Qs0WnGGoFMKFX2byMNEUOjRGJlTa8P2zps0xdfE sv2rLYR5H2pa2Wj6atxo7uDS2yj6ug3 okaBh6wqSZwueFG5PSwxFb66 EU9 zvMsHiZ16fT3ZeurlLCdP5J KFbOA

You can easily edit the content of your template by dragging & dropping different building blocks to organize your quotation. For example, you can add a content block to describe your products.

In the use of quotation template: When you are creating a quotation, you can choose a specific template.

Confirm the quotation: Templates provide the confirmation process by allowing customers to sign electronically or to pay online. You can activate these two options directly in the quotation template itself.

Under the Confirmation tab;

There are two options you can select (either one or both of them) in order for the customer to confirm the quotation, upon receiving the quotation. They are

Online signature: A digital signature can be requested from the customer by tick marking this option.

Online Payment: You can ask for instant payment online by tick marking this option.

2. How to add optional products:  To succeed in this competitive world of business the companies should be able to show cache optional products, customizable ones, accessories concerning the main product, and the added advantages on the purchase of a product. The Odoo platform supports all these operational aspects needed for the eCommerce platform and would help in boosting the sales as well as the profits of the company.

The use of optional products is a marketing strategy for cross-selling products across with a core product. The aim is to offer useful and relevant products to your customers. For example, if a customer wants to buy a car, he has the choice to order an automatic opening trunk and massaging seats, or not to order such high-quality products and simply buy his car.

Add optional products to your quotation: Through Odoo Sales, it is possible to add or modify optional products directly on quotations (under the Optional Products tab, as you can see below).OLHa3wSx y1 p BYqU7Qc4KD3hIu8FkX4WaNY0zcUuovqYuKatc3Zeq259R JcKl40hlxzbQsshrIDrIw2d4ywFw7xw3kkqAbOV6zcJVd4Top33NwMap8zjSiIMZ1QPV 4 h88P7

In practice, your customers will be able to add different optional products to their order by using associated carts, with a user-friendly layout. More than that, if a customer selects all the optional products suggested, these additional items will automatically fill in the quotation managed by the salesman. The optional products are the ones which could be bought together with the main product which would add up to the appearance, usage and operations. These are very, much different from the accessory products as these are considered different main products which will add up the view, decorative or even operations of the selected products

Like this, salespeople will see each movement made by the customer, and tracking the order will be all the better.

Add optional products to your quotation template: For quotation templates, you also have an Optional Products tab where you can add related products or services.

3. How to get a signature to confirm order: We do sign-in documents for some verification, at this point of clarity signing digitally is not a big deal nowadays with the advancement of technologies.  It can be used to verify documents and other confirmations just as easily as doing a manual signing. There are many ways to use this facility. One can verify the order confirmation online through the mail delivery system or signatures can be uploaded from existing image files.

Online signatures are like electronic fingerprints. By using them on Odoo, you will get automatic order confirmation. You and your customers will save a lot of time by using this feature compared to a traditional process.

How to add digital signature in Odoo :

Lets us discuss how we can add digital signatures by uploading image files.

Go to Sales module > configuration > settings > and activate the online signature feature.

Confirm order with a signature: When you send quotations to clients, they can instantly accept and sign it online. When they click on Sign & Pay, they have the choice to draw their own signature, automatically fill in the field with an automated signature or load a file from their computer. Here below, it is an example of an automated signature

 There are 3 different options to sign online.

  1. You can draw the sign
  2. Auto load predefined signs and edit their style
  3. Load the sign from file

When signed by the customer you will have the possibility to choose your payment methods. Then, when the quotation will be paid and confirmed, a delivery order will be created automatically by Odoo.

4. How to get paid to confirm an order: online payments are considered a fast and secure alternative to traditional payment methods. It is generally cheaper, easier, and faster than other payment methods. It is particularly useful and efficient for international transactions. With Odoo Sales, you can use online payments to get automatic orders confirmation. Online payments are made instantly, so it’s very convenient and saves lots of time in a basic sales process.

To enable online payments : Go to Sales module > configuration> settings > activate the online payment feature.PpNliqfgTnZRT1ecwkn9sIQnjKu1 c1pk1k31 EDWsKU1bc14VmxCPT pcc3c6m28Y

Here you can see that you have direct access to the payment acquirers page. It will allow you to select and configure your acquirers of choice. Before creating or modifying a payment acquirer, be sure to check out our documentation about how to be paid with payment acquirers such as Paypal, authorize.net, and others in the payment acquirers (credit cards, online payment) documentation.

After opening quotations from their received email, your customers will have different possibilities to make their online payments.

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