How to Manage Appointments in Odoo Calendar Module

Online Appointment Scheduling System through Odoo is providing the solution for small and medium businesses to offer all the functionality of our enterprise-grade scheduling technology in a streamlined, user-friendly package. This module helps a customer to book an appointment on their own from the calendar.

Odoo Appointment Scheduling feature is available only in the Odoo Enterprise version. It helps a customer to search for an appointee and check their time slots and the user can book an appointment with an Appointment Date and a Time Slot.

In this article, you are going to explain the matter of how to schedule “Online Appointment in Odoo”. Online Appointments are made easy to manage meetings online. Automate your scheduling process. Odoo appointment scheduling software helps you find a time to meet that works for all attendees. When a user comes to schedule an appointment, they select the meeting type and the person with which they are requesting the meeting.

In the calendar view, you can schedule meetings that can be easily viewed. I n the calendar module you can see the three different formats of the calendar view like a Day, Week or a Month


Firstly you can install the Calendar module in your database.

Odoo Calendar Module

In this calendar module now you can show the complete analysis of all meetings scheduled for a specific time period is shown here. 

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Now you can create another meeting in the calendar view. You can fill the following field like meeting subject, attendees, starting at, duration, all day, tags, reminders, locations, etc.

In this type of field, the reminders are used to provide the satisfaction of each schedule that reaches every visitor and reminders notification will be sent to every visitor.

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Whenever you want to view the meeting for the specific participant, now you can use click on the “M Meetings” filter.

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At the same time, you can be choosing a calendar in day mode, now you can schedule hourly meetings, then giving a display of meetings scheduled for the day.

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This type of calendar module helps the customer to search for an appointee and check their time slots. It should provide the Mail Notification facility to send a Reminder before an Appointment.  In this module user can approve or reject the appointment.

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