Odoo Payroll : Odoo, the most dependable open-source ERP management software, offers a wide range of features and functionalities. The payroll module of Odoo is the most advanced solution to efficiently manage Payroll activities. Odoo Payroll module makes it easy to organize all payroll activities in a company. Payroll  is a company’s list of its employees, but the term is commonly used to refer to the total amount of money that a company pays to its employees. 

Through the Odoo Payroll Module, we can specify salary rules and define the salary structure of an employee in any job role. It is a simple and effective platform for managing all payroll procedures for employees within a company. 

Payslip in Odoo Payroll : Payslip or Salary slip plays an important role in business management. Generally, payslip is a file that is enclosed with employee details like payment, record of earned money, insurance, taxes and so on. Employees payslip can be generated in accordance with the salary structure mentioned in the contract. The generated payslip can then be verified and transferred into PDF and need to be approved by the higher officials. Journal entries are also made by the managers during the verification of the payslip. This information later will be used for payment by the authority.

The salary slip is considered as legal proof of income. The slip includes all of the details on the Employee’s salary. All of the details and the amounts that make up the employee’s salary will be listed in the slip.

Salary slip is the most important document that helps an employee to pay income tax. It is also required for applying for a loan. It can also be used to apply for mortgages. We can also use this document to negotiate for a better salary while trying for a fresh job. Payslip will also help you track the tax cuts and other salary-related deductions. 

Key elements which are included in Salary Slip :

  • Expenses
  • Allowence
  • Taxes
  • Pay Cut
  • Income 
  • Reimbursement

The pay slips also give documentary evidence for the absent days, total work hours, basic pay, house rent allowance, special pay allowance, loss of pay leaves, taxes, provident fund, gratuity, and other allowances.

In this blog we will let you know “How you can generate a payslip in Odoo V15 Payroll Module”.

To generate a payslip of an employee, you need two basic things : For the payslip generation of an employee; first, we have to set up the contract with a salary structure.

  • Contract of the Employee : Employee contract is one such written document between the employer and the employee that defines the rights and responsibilities between the two. It is generally made for management or senior level employees who are involved in business strategies and have access to sensitive information.
  • Salary Structure : For calculating the payslip of an employee salary structure should be made by the organization. This determines the payment of an employee. Salary structure usually consists of a set of rules and we can also make some additional rules for certain employees.

Odoo payroll module also supports the generation of payslip as batches. So we can include one or more employees or category wise batches. That is,  mass creation of payslip for a group of employees will be achieved through this scenario.

Configuration of payslip in Odoo V15 Payroll Module : You can configure and manage payslip in payroll module and it is easy to do that also. If you want to configure the payslip in the payroll module then the first payroll module has to be installed. If this module is not installed for you then go to the app store of odoo database and install payroll module from there.

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From the above image you can see that payroll module is not installed so you can install this module via clicking on install button.

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Now the module is installed and it shows in the database, so now you can click on the payroll module icon and you will come to the dashboard of this module.

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Above image is the dashboard of the Payroll module. On the dashboard you can see the various tabs like Contract, Work Entries, Payslips, Reporting and Configuration. Under the Payslip tab, you can see all of the payslip operations as shown in the screenshot below.

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The Payslip options include “To pay”, “All Payslips”, and “Batches”. To understand how payslips work in the odoo environments we have to go through each of these options in detail one by one.

To Pay : Click on the To Pay option under the Payslip tab, a page will open for reference you can see the screenshot below.

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As you can see from the above screenshot right now there is no payslip created to pay. We can create a new one with the help of the Create button. When you click on the create button a new window will open.


Employee : Add the name of the employee. You can select the employee from the Employee field.

Contract : Add the employee and the employee contract will be automatically updated on the contract filed in the payslip Configuration page.

Period : In the period filed you can add the Period on the payslip. 

Batch : In this field you can choose the batch year as shown in the screenshot below.

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Structure : Structure field will allow you to add the Structure as shown in the screenshot below.

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You can choose the structure from the list or you can type the name also. You can instantly create a salary structure from the payslip configuration page. Type in the name of the new structure and a Create and Edit window will open up as shown in the screenshot below.

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When you click on the “Create and Edit” and the configuration page to create the new structure will open up as shown in the screenshot below. 

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Now enter the name of the new salary structure and choose the type from the Type field. When you click on the type a drop down list will appear and choose from there as you can see in the screenshot below.

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If you want to create a new type except both then click on the start typing, when you type any of the letters create an edit button will appear. Click on the create and edit button and the new window will open as you can see in the screenshot below.


Type in the name of the new Structure type and choose the wage type from the respective fields. You can configure the default monthly pay and the working hours for the structure type. The pay structure and the default work entry type can also be configured from this page. After the configuration click on the “SAVE” button. From the Structure configuration page, the newly created structure will be available to choose from.

As of now you update the salary structure of the working days and Input tab will be automatically configured as you can see in the screenshot below. 

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In the salary computation, the tab will be automatically filled when you compute the sheet by clicking on the “COMPUTE SHEET” button. This will compute the salary and the data will be given in the Salary computation section as shown in the screenshot below.

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Under the other info page you can find other options to configure the payslip as you can see in the screenshot below.

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From the above screenshot you can see that the name of the payslip and company name is automatically filled and you can use the other options like Made Payment Order, Date Account, Salary Journal.

Click on the “Made Payment Order” to activate it. You can choose the date of the account from the Date account field. The salary journal will be automatically chosen based on the selected salary structure. Click on the Journal to view or edit it. Here click on Salary from the Salary Journal field and a page on the Journal will open as shown in the screenshot below.

Now click on the “Edit button” and give the new name to the journal and after the configuration click on the “Save button” to save the changes. After saving the changes a “CREATE DRAFT ENTRY” button will appear as shown in the screenshot below.

7SDa6EtUb2sog ZYZUHxLm2CDlbZpQMf7UCrm9RlqHdefC5XcqYStryz7 k6S4UNcs9aNlR3x0Y6rtgLG8 JzB98a147UApiXWU7Yam67DT3mED0w5mhnI2tNR54P5hCtXXJbTfj
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Under the Salary Computation tab data is divided into various categories such as Name, Category, Quality, Rate (%), Amount and Total. This is basically the detailed and structured note of the salary of an employee. All of these categories will add up to form the final salary of the Employee.

In the Other Info tab you can find the Accounting Information. Now you can click on the “Create Draft Entry” to create the draft entry. A draft entry page will appear as shown in the screenshot below.


As you can see from the above screenshot the stage of the salary is changed from draft to “Done”. If you want some changes then click on the “Edit” button and if all the things are correct you can click on the “Mark As Paid” button and the stage is changed to Paid and salary is now paid to the employee. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Now you can Print this slip and send it to the employee via email. And if you want to refund the amount you can click on the “Refund” button.

All Payslip : When you click on the All payslip under the payslip tab, all employee payslip will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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This is how you can create a payslip of the employees. 

Batches : With the Odoo 15 Payroll module, you can also create Payslips as batches. Under the payslip tab you can find the Batches. Now click on the Batches and a new window will appear.

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Click on the Create button to create a new Batch. When you click on the “Create” button a new window will appear as you can see in the screenshot below.

uK5OYbUc5fNIB2G5E1SRyZMNH4rOt vAa6yD3fZBQRhcndxt8aJTu5jboKiTkNosaWXbNnLkCwnyGzQiw7t9HTFiz1n 4mrK5

Now click on the “Generate Payslip” button and a new window will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Select the Salary Structure and the Department and the employees will be filled. Click on the GENERATE button to generate the payslip. A page with the newly created batch will appear as shown in the screenshot below.

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This is how you can handle Payslip in Odoo V15 Payroll Module. I hope you will find help with this. If you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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