What is Customer Portal Access?

Odoo ERP includes remote sales order entry tools to ensure your team members and customers have remote access to your business any time day or night. The Planet Odoo Customer Portal helps you communicate with customers and work more efficiently. The portals work with your Odoo applications, such as CRM and Sales Order Management, to provide helpful tools to allow your customers to see all the relevant information about their interaction and perform account-related activities online. 

In this Blog, you are going to discuss how to use “Customer Portal Access in Odoo v12” A customer portal is available 24/7, 365 days a year on a desktop or mobile device such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Client portals can also be integrated with your primary business systems such as an accounting, ERP or CRM system, enabling you to automate the transfer of information between your systems in real time.  An ERP customer self-service portal provides a secure place for customers to manage and review documents and policies, invoices, place an order, raise a support issue or arrange payments to improve customer collaboration.


Firstly, Configure the “Incoming and Outgoing mail server in Odoo”. Using your own email servers is required to send and receive messages in Odoo. 

Set an incoming email server for inbound messages:

For configuring the Incoming mail server in Odoo you need to do the following simple steps.

Go to Settings -> General settings -> Discuss and check External Email Servers.

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Whenever you select Incoming Mail Servers option you can begin to configure an incoming mail server. Before configuring,  you need to fill in the following field:

Name: You can choose the name, it as ‘Incoming Gmail’  It must be unique.

Server Type:  It is the type of server you can choose for POP, IMAP and local here. POP is widely used for getting emails from the server to a client.

Server Name: It is the name of the server i.e. pop.gmail.com

Port: The port where the server (e-mail) listens too.

SSL/TLS: It is the type of security. Check this to encrypt the message.

Username:  Your e-mail address which you want to fetch e-mails from.

Password: The password for your e-mail address.

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Set an outgoing email server for outbound messages:

For configuring the Outgoing mail server in Odoo you need to do the following simple steps.

Go to the Outgoing Mail Servers menu through
General Settings -> External Email Servers -> and click on Outgoing Mail Servers.

Whenever you select Outgoing Mail Servers option you can begin to configure an outgoing mail server. Before configuring,  you need to fill in the following field:

Description: The Description of the Outgoing Mail Server.

Priority: The lower the number the higher the priority. It means that the e-mail server with the lowest number will be used the most.

SMTP Server: The server SMTP e.g, smtp.gmail.com

SMTP Port: The SMTP port of your server e.g, 465.

Connection Security: The type of security. You should choose SSL/TLS for Gmail.

Username: Your E-mail account.

Password: The Password of your Gmail account.

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Once all the information has been filled out, click on Test Connection button.

How to manage portal access to customers in Odoo:

Firstly, you need to install the Contacts module from your database.

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In the Contacts menu. At that time the contact is not yet created in the system, click on the create button to create a new contact. Enter details of the contact and click on the “save” button.

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Choose a user, click on the Action menu button and from the drop-down. Select grant portal access in the drop-down list.

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Later, a pop-up window will open which contains the customer information like name, email id and tick the checkbox In Portal for granting permission and click on the Apply button.

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Under “My account ”section of the portal, you will find all the communications between you and Odoo, documents such as Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Ticket, Task, Project and your subscriptions.

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You will find all the quotations sent to you by Odoo.

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User can easily Accept and sign, Download, print, accept or reject their quotation in the portal.

If you want to accept the quotation just click “Accept & Sign”  button and the quote will get confirmed. If you don’t want to accept it, or you need to ask for some modifications, click on “Ask Changes Reject”.  Also, write feedback about their quotation.

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Sales Orders:

You can view all sales order. All your purchases within Odoo such as Upsells, Themes, Applications, etc. will be registered under this section.


Customer can easily download and print sales order. At that time when you click on the sale order, you review the details of the products purchased and process the payment.



All the invoices are generated by a sales order, will be shown in this section. Amount Due is displayed at the corner of the right-hand side. It will indicate you if the invoice has been paid.

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Upon selecting the invoice, it shows the status of an order and the pertaining payment details if the payment is complete. If it’s awaiting the payment, it displays in the page “PAY NOW” or otherwise a link to pay online.

Now click on the Invoice, if you want to see more information, pay the invoice or download a PDF version of the document.  User can easily Download and Print the Invoice.



If you want to submit a ticket via Odoo Support a ticket will be created. Now you can find all the tickets, the conversation between you and our Agents, the Status of the ticket and Ref.


If you are looking for Odoo implementation for your manufacturing business  contact us here   Feel free to connect with us on info@planet-odoo.com

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