What is Event Management : Event management includes a variety of functions for executing large-scale events, which might include conferences, conventions, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and ceremonies. It involves handling the overall logistics of the event, working with staff, and conducting project management of the event as a whole.

Additional duties might include managing the budget and the teams of people responsible for each function, as well as overseeing the execution of the event. Event managers also supervise the services of all outside vendors and professionals, including event planners.

Event Management in Odoo : Every industry or organization will have to manage one or the other event. It can be a meeting, an annual day celebration, or a customer management program. Despite the size of your organization, it would be easier to manage the event if you have the assistance of an application to manage the events. Odoo offers you a fine solution which is simple and nice for managing events as small as an in house event to a mass public event.

The event management process as a whole is quite tedious as it revolves with multiple segments like the scheduling of dates, fixing of events, issuing tickets/pass etc. 

Odoo Events Module is a versatile event management module with the capacity to take forward various types of events. You can send reminders and automate the ticketing functions of an event through the Odoo 15 Events module.

In this blog I will explain to you how you can generate booths and rooms in Odoo V15 Event Module.

First of all install Event Module in your Odoo database from the Odoo apps and if this is already installed in your database then just click the icon of it. Let’s click on the icon.

Rv8Tt4xHAC4nWZWdlNQR2fSYxGZhv1RGp RcKrjpv7dBYkR8rMH0oyg1p2MOpnTT1Yeq9JnKzBqB7U12FFa1d5mkLbrRt7l24 8OOv
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Above screenshot is the dashboard of the Event Module. You can see so many things on this dashboard. First of all you can see tabs like Events, Reporting and Configuration. You can find settings of the event module in the configuration tab. You can see the created list of events with date, time, and several attendees. All the events are arranged at different levels like New, Booked and Announced. You can also see the dashboard in calendar, Pivot, Gantt, List, Graph, and Kanban forms.

xyPKojAZd75sF7jV5F8zOCWkcFNgG6p2Fk8xJGxOEmMNXBhcdsnbBRH0DjPJTW5yx0jHHhBV8t7eB YpbAawbycpBVTp73wW NmtStA
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You can also see the Map sign here, with the help of this you can easily find the location of the event.

Settings : You can find settings under the configuration tab tab. When you click on the configuration tab a drop down menu will appear and you can select settings from the drop down list. With the help of the settings menu you can activate the Events, Registration, and Attendance functions. 

You can manage the Booths, schedule tracks, foster chat rooms, and exhibitors by enabling the options under the Events option. The sales of tickets and questions to attendees activate under the Registration option. You can confirm the attendance using Barcode inside the Attendance section. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

dDYHHDrwPN5Eo8dw1088tZDgYShlKBMt08PifpFEB2fxwjPRRDj5jxPZ0L5xwOCRsiYUevGZIQj15kd7GNRDcUajE2mp9Ln51RhjFVEdGgYXr jt3w jjFR4oMJN6HdE0Ws13Z7
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When you enable the things click on the Save button to save the changes. Now let’s create a new event with the help of the create button. When you click on the “Create Button” you will come to the new window.

UEo NKkRLlSjD3iNA3p7yHstvrvnenf0XQ58CubcU7VcAO7mi s7kcVPVqpCkYkLz

In the new window you can see Title of the Event, Timezone, Venue, Company, Organizer, Tags, Website, Date, and Template. After that, click on the save icon. You can see various submenus below the invite button, such as Tracks, Rooms, Attendees, Go to Website, Registration Desk, and Booths. The multiple stages for an event are visible at the right side of the Events window like New, Booked, Announced, Ended and Canceled. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

Now fill all the details and save the form.

iRyY XhXBz2cuGKP1oeuPTPr4xxleKqWDyqWHO reylQ HDrO80GNTmgmcpcgO GMePbbmpArA2iGD5fJrPQ34g5IXEtB1AEbMwBWM18QaiW jh294Yuuyh Z

With the use of the ticket tab you can create different types of tickets. Users can add the ticket price, total seats, and product name under the Ticket tab. We can mark the number of confirmed or unconfirmed seats.

With the help of the communication tab you can boost the interaction with the customers. It starts with the assistance of SMS/ Email, and the user can choose the template here. You can select the Trigger, Add Interval, and Unit.

R ucoB3vukIJkqobxiQjaJqCXfaCy SNuQ70ixJbLcLNxkc5VSToSsO4P lf39fQB48XjtXyRIsrEkaptOilex6Wns3Ksg8 a8gWCYF2XnfvuNRppd jwNBbQvKDrbPLc4v5vji

In the Question tab you can ask a question. When you click on the question tab and click on the “Add a line” button a new window will popup. In this window you will mention your question. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

LQ00b52Q AgpsDsrTjJtgUWxwoI3xg8ip XxTRPy6UbN5RTva4oQbm84ANvWikeRSRhXwAqF6msGwi7hdODqt5 b7t1Sm4njSn1sJl8WJJ5l UE Sx6Txz3kFgrry2 g87hg1oGA

You can add notes and ticket instructions inside the Note tab. For reference you can see the screenshot below.


How to Create a New Booth : If you want to create a new booth then the booth management function should be activated. When you enable the booth management option, you can see the Booths menu in the Events window.


Now go to the Event dashboard and open the recently created event. When you come to the Football Tournament event then click on the booth icon. And a new window will pop up.

bvoFRb1pxchbANOF6gQzXbV8g0KM8UZKUtApXjzbXHjkbKCo30LHUiyzb6eciPjC4aGcYefE4Jl cAvtGzslhZ0h9mStn46as2H GIIv Fyc5YCQHrtiUya8c D71NI8wlzWUDj1

You can create a booth with the help of the “Create Button”. When you click on the create button you will come to the new window.

You can change the name or price of the Product by clicking the Product title. Click on the Edit icon in the new window, change the product name, Sales price as you need, and click on the Save button.

Now enter the Renter name, renter email and renter phone in the booth window. In this window you can see additional options like Send a message, Schedule activity, and Log note at the end of the page. With the help of these options you can send messages to followers, add notes and organize an activity regarding the information of Booth.

QHIE6eHmSIi6 kwAbhHqDdX5RAAeBHAFFy6pS8imlYzak01vb lG6YfMd DZRoY 3kCBHlNMb67nI0LIa8RanKKOyKUSZm3LFYacVOrcqvvVDjS4Ux

You can see the availability of the booth with the help of the “Available/Unavailable” icon at the right side of the window.  For reference you can see the screenshot above.

In addition you can Duplicate or Delete the booth with the Action button as shown in the screenshot below.

XBO9t4GHHI8Rgv4LaEbkk7nf thEOBxYp oO1542N3 P62D6CPaXLqvWT5e6ThoWofiyV4h4h0rFnWSDAKN4918dYcjXs9rWNQiRwe8d9VoposMr6GEINGthVmOeo1oEhGjYNSw

Now click on the save button and then you can see the number of Booths in the Events window.

49Pe76wFiBNXyV2E Pst9YaZWXJIt4wbu0hqh9IpttAr8sgp4lCpJgfPtHcZTUnQ0i5zVW4HaIyEL66zWfuRKr4J ss5Tq l gwicWqSA2iLRRTJ4WG0bdMEds4QAw891j3dd QS

From the above screenshot you can see the booth value is changed from 0 to 1, that means the booth is created. When you click on the booth icon you will see the list and kanan view of the booth. 

G3VQv3 940G7GVxoF70qRTOOCQO2z4e9 5WyZPuj3KtfmeKprAbxmN7OJfYQERb20eo7qq6bxcYWktMtELyoZbRH0IqJi6e63ajKzqRq 1GGZnY7XEyXXI5hwWkqhNkuw277bThR

In the Kanban view, Booths are arranged in different stages based on availability/unavailability.

YQVv8lPctRlYnaUF zg S2hMVkXm9CbeoyaTxoe2 nYHz4lHwy HPxRvnltxWPZGxnFynDvUY2OQ2MBJsJhlXa7u6NIEEuf V6U0uuy1CGP70QMOHyH3OcDptDwRtuja7F44hwA

List view shows the Name, Booth Category, Renter and status in a Booth separately. You can add a custom field by clicking on the three-dot icon at the right side.

How to Generate Rooms : You can see the Rooms menu in the Events window and press on the Rooms option to create a new Room for your event. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

ZN4J5KRy980oLu9bc7rnLwUVMIFIE 6i MSQx7JrPCy0pYgZXE7BnlkR5yzAHmknYtAkxa8K 3jMboKqV1SBo1Nq5pljX XtCvDDm2dfe8 3ArAhWRP65VB 1kXZapwFIgOHD7ey

When you click on the Room icon you will come to the new window, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

E9bsgQWeNg4X5GDoF4srdUzLyiSZ8DmtMU7ZgqufspQj3DNv7qeQwwVJstyc jlVHiD0bnV u8yMOfq0b4fGaDs3BR9ARM iK

You can generate a new room with the help of the create button. When you click on the “Create Button” you will come to the new window. In the new window, you can add Topic, Audience, and Summary of the meeting. In addition, you can choose the maximum capacity of participants and Language. Inside the Reporting tab, we can make the Last activity and Participants. After saving the details, the chat room is viewable for you.

I7RnBWE2uSqiXLm33RpyP1cnoYOrVcQlf7r6gqlYM8BpupIncANDHhMZhpJ Px9ypUwDNHKMOqNarQQ4MtYxFVmD15cwZf4UcDDYK9sWedxO5jNH3h1Q9EirlY fIjUkW zAQ1z

If you want to publish this chat session of the meeting on the website then click on the “Go to Website” button. You can enter the name in the Website window and join the event meeting. The time, date, and room topic are visible in the website window. Activate the Unpublished button into Published form.

dDmN0dQhJNbh ANrnKfhoFYrf2G9mceSTf8ynEwrcFHx9c6lRyg3 cIAKbQxo2qSXbvY9EfJN5fNMnD4hL2YKtq12UW5B1cHoYfq

Now go back to the Rooms window to see the meeting is published. The Go to Website icon is in green color and shows it is published.


Now you can go back to the event window and then you can see that the room’s value has changed from 0 to 1, because 1 room is created. 

vZ98OIxfOlvv3cxHelZ ncMZle4LYktGuZ16H WyTt0kyL0mtTPDZwqwNBMXJhp7jSyJCIRUkM8AA4Lkxib 6MpA37VKJJa2QeKsL2g8aimMcGgtLWFpsUT

When you click on the Rooms icon you will see the list of meeting rooms with the details likewise topic, Summary, Audience, Is published, Is Pinned, Room is Full, Participants counts, Max capacity and language. We can create more rooms by pressing on the Create icon and applying more fields to the existing ones. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

5cmvt voTRwyPwenL9f2hJ9BgBAdBvd9mpn69y P0moQ nkJJKqRuwErLXkLQF17naELorgNblKMp0 0NouPR0tnKpwHiIUS9i3eDwcQkwP FwNA Inl5zYPXFDCGYlAgcdIqzt9

Odoo, 15 Events management module, enables you to create programs to manage attendees, rooms, booths, and websites for your program. If you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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