Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management.  In Odoo, now a quotation and order are handled in a different menu. The Odoo Sales Management module is one of the main applications that Odoo provides. Odoo Sales Quotation Template is a predefined format of documents. It is used to reply to a customer request for quotations(RFQ). With Sales Management in Odoo, you can discipline your full Sales department in a single screen. With Odoo, you can manage the entire sales process from the creation of the quote to the signature of the quote.

In this Blog, you are going to explain “How to create Quotation Templates in Odoo” Quotes are created from the platform, easily, via a dedicated interface that allows you to drag and drop quotes to layout with your company images. Odoo Quotation/Sales Order Templates, customize the format and branding of quotations and sales orders and can effortlessly manage all the fields of your sales orders and quotations including company name, logo & address. This module allows you to add and show product images in quotation description. Later converting the quotation into an order form is very easy, as is tracking the contract and invoicing.

The workflow of Quotation Templates in Odoo:


To enable the Quotation template. Now Go to Sales application and under the Configuration tab go to > Settings > Tick the checkbox on Quotations Templates under Quotations & Order and Save it.

Sales-> Configuration-> Setting->Quotation & orders -> Quotation template

1 before

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Now Go to Sales > Configuration > Sales Order > Quotation Template > Create.
2 1
You will be redirected to the Quotation Template list view where you can create your own template by triggering the Create button. 
3 1
You can create quotations based on the requirements.  Fill in the following fields:
~Quotation template: will be displayed name of your template.
 ~Quotation expires after: displayed number of days that template is valid and then add items under Lines section as per your requirement.
~Here you have an option to suggest products to the customers by click on Add an Item.
~In the Optional Products, you have an option to suggest related items to the customers by triggering Add a line. 
4 1
~Click on Confirmation to choose the Confirmation Mode and Confirmation Mail.
In the Confirmation mode, you can choose the various options like Online signature, Online Payment 

==> Online signature: One can either request for a digital signature or online payment in Odoo. Now the customer can sign the quotation online and confirm the order automatically. 

==> Online Payment: Now a customer can make an online payment and confirm the order automatically. 

Confirmation Mail: This email will be sent on Confirmation. Leave empty to send anything. 
If you can choose the medium as per your preference and the email template will be sent on confirmation. and if you leave that section blank nothing will be sent. Now you can save it.

5 1

Sending Quotation by email:

At that time you will see how it works. Go to Sales > Quotations > Create.

Now you can fill all the fields like customer name, Invoice address and delivery address, validity, payment term, Delivery method. 

When you select the quotation template as template feature. Then, expiration date ordered products and suggested products will be automatically updated to the field.
6 1
Under the option of, Other information one can see the Confirmation mode of what we have selected in the Template and can send the quotation across customers.
7 1
When you click on Send By Mail button. You can send the quotation to the selected customer. An automatic email will be prepared based on your predefined template with content and pdf attachment on the email.
8 1
 When you click on the print action button on the top of the quotation then you will see the preview of the quotation before sending it to the customer.
10 1
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