How to Create & Manage Sales Price List in Odoo 12

Price lists tell your sales agents what to charge for your products or services. You can create multiple price lists so that you can maintain separate price structures for different regions you sell your products in or for different sales channels. Odoo sales management supports the pricelist feature and we can apply discounts, price rules for products, different prices for customers. 

Odoo supports the sales as well as the purchase pricelist’s functionality. So we can apply pricelists for a product, vendor, customers and group of countries. In this blog, you are going to discuss the “ Sales Price List in Odoo”.

Pricelist is the list of prices for different products by customer and supplier wise. In Odoo, there are different types of Pricelist:

  1. A single sale price per product.
  2. Different prices per customer segment.
  3. Advanced pricing based on the formula.


First of all, you have to install sales apps in your database and activate pricelist in Sales before using it.

Now Go to  Sales -> Settings -> Pricing -> Sale Price

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A single sale price per product will be used for all sales defined in product form.

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Now you can create a different price list for each customer.


  1. Go to Sales -> Configuration -> Pricelists.
  2. Click on Create button.
  3. Give the name of Pricelist.
  4. Click on “Add an Item”.

3 6

After creating pricelist, at that time you need to configure the price list and price in product form.
Go to Sales > Products. under Sales tab.
Now you can add the following details like Pricelist, Price, Min. Quantity, Start date, End date, etc.
4 7
This feature is used to apply Pricelist for Customer irrespective of Sale Price of Product.
Go to Sales -> Customers.
5 4
Now, Create Sale Order with that customer (i.e. “Agrolait”). You can see that when we select “Agrolait” as customer Odoo will automatically set pricelist in the sales order.
6 3
You can view that the price for that individual product is changed to the price that of the particular price list,  At that time you can change the price list to view the difference.
7 4

Now you can choose the pricing as Advanced pricing based on formulas (discounts, margins, rounding).

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At the same time, you enable this option your pricelist “Advanced pricing based on formulas” and click on save button.

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After adding the price list items for the price list at that time you can add rules to calculating prices for the product.

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