One of the digital communication channels is Email Marketing, and usage of emails is high nowadays due to business and commercial purposes. Email marketing is the use of email to advertise products or services at the same time developing relationships with potential customers or clients. 

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for small businesses. Email marketing is the technique of using electronic messages to promote sales products, educate customers, and encourage sales. The email marketing app is basically customer relationship management (CRM) but can be found in a separate Odoo app.

“Odoo Email Marketing” solution provides an easy solution to create personalized emails. Email marketing solution, not only are you able to distribute your newsletter in a quick and standardized manner but also track the results of your campaigns. This means that information including the share of open emails, open rates, click rates, bounced emails, etc. is always close at hand.

Odoo Email Marketing provides comprehensive support for planning, implementing, and evaluating email marketing campaigns. This feature allows you to manage and review the delivery of messages as well as their status.

Several advanced features and tools enrich your email marketing programs and help manage the campaigns more efficiently.

In this blog we will let you know how you can create a Mailing List in Odoo V15.

To start this first you have to install an Email Marketing module from the Odoo apps.

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From the above image you can see that an Email Marketing Module is already installed for me. Now click on the email marketing module.

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After clicking on the icon you will come to the dashboard of the Email Marketing Module. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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The home dashboard of Odoo contains Email Marketing that maintains the Mailings, Mailing Lists, Reporting, and Configuration.

The dashboard of the Mailing tab helps to create a new email for any essential purpose.

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Now we can create a new mailing click with help of the “Create button”. Create a button to assist in sending the email to anyone regarding a particular subject. You can add the Subject, select Recipients, and choose a template to send an email. It is easy to deliver emails to your clients.

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Now you can fill in the required details. Here, the subject is the name of the mailing and the recipient is the person to receive the mail. Here we are choosing the type of recipient instead of a particular recipient and these are : Mailing List, Quotation, Lead/Opportunity, Attendee etc.

Configuration : The configuration menu in an Email Marketing dashboard assists in enabling email functions. We can manage campaigns and our emails by enabling the Mailing Campaign option. 

Email Marketing > Configuration > Setting > Enable Mailing campaigns, Dedicated Server and save the changes.

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How to Create Mailing List : Mailing lists can be a goldmine for your company’s marketing department as they can provide leads for sales, focus groups for testing new products, and consumers to provide feedback on satisfaction. Mailing Lists ensure customer feedback, tests group products, and boosts sales. To create this list go to the Email Marketing > Mailing List > Select Mailing list from the drop down menu.

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The main page shows Create button, Imported Contacts, and Newsletter. We can develop a new mailing list using the “Create Button”.

When you click on the Create Button, a new window will appear that consists of the name of a Mailing List and a Public enabling option. When we tick the option, the mailing list is accessible by the recipient in the unsubscription page to allow him to update his subscription preferences.

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When you fill in the details then click on the create button for further process. You can see a “Discard Button” also with Create Button. If you want to close the process then you can click on the “Discard button”.

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From the above highlighted image you can see that a new mailing list is created.

Imported Contacts : As you can see from the above image there is an imported contacts list which contains only 2 contacts. We can see the number of Recipients and Mailings at their dashboard. 

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You can make some changes with the help of the edit button and when changes are done you have to save the changes.

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Newsletter : The dashboard of mailing lists also shows the title Newsletter. By clicking on the Newsletter title, we can see the Mailings, Recipients’ numbers, percentage of Bounce, and Opt-out in email.

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Mailing List Contacts : You can find the Mail List Contacts under the Mailing List Tab. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Mailing List Contacts see a list of all contacts under all your mailing lists, and the ones you individually created here.

Open a contact form to see or add different mailing lists to which the contact is or will be part of. Choose any contact from the list and open this. You will see all the details inside this.

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The advanced features in Odoo assist in sending emails to customers quickly with a unique mailing structure that makes Odoo different from others. 

I hope this information is helpful for you and if you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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