How to Configure Warehouse Routing in Odoo Manufacturing

Odoo an Open source ERP solution helps you to implement and customize Manufacturing ERP software for your business. Manufacturing module in Odoo manage all manufacturing related activities. In Odoo, custom manufacturing work orders are created with the help of work centers and routing concepts. Manufacturing in Odoo is more helpful for the production of a manufactured product or the product is built by some other products with different quantities. 

Configuration of Work Center

Firstly, you have to install the Manufacturing module in your database. At that time you to enable the option of the work center.

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Go to Manufacturing -> Master Data -> Work Centers and click on the Create button.

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Now you can fill the following fields under the General Information Tab. You can add performance indices like time efficiency factor, capacity, OEE target, cost per hour, etc.  from General Information Tab.  

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Configuration of Routing

In the manufacturing module, routings can be used to specify the manufacturing operations to be done in work centers to develop a certain product. Every product has its own routes. It is not a single step process the manufacturing process may consist of many work centers and any work centers have its own processes and process time.  At that time you can set the route of the specific manufacturing process. 

 Routing completely depends on the manufacturing company process. A few companies have the same type of manufacturing process. Then you can create only one type of routing. A few companies have a distinct manufacturing process  Then you can create multiple routing.

Go to Manufacturing -> Master data -> Routing

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Now you can click on routings button to create new routing in your database. 

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At that time you can fill the following field like name of the routing, company name production location and add work operation there. Whenever you want to add work operation then click on add a line button.

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Now you can fill the following fields like operation name, work center, and duration computation. There are two options available in duration computation:  compute based on real-time and set duration manually and also an option for setting default duration. Then fill the next operation field and click on the Save button.

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Routing can be defined directly in a bill of materials or through the menu Manufacturing -> Products -> Routings. Subsequent you can select the created route in BoM of a product so the product will follow that particular route during the manufacturing process.

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